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3 Customer Engagement Trends to Watch in 2017

With 2016 behind us, we’re wondering what we can glean from the flurry of predictions, prophecies and prognostications for 2017. Here are three key trends to watch:

1. CMOs will spend more on tech than CIOs

According to Gartner’s annual CMO spend survey, as customer experience becomes the key to gaining a competitive advantage, CMOs will spend more on tech to support their CX goals. Gartner analyst Jake Sorofman states, “marketing often funds these cross-functional CX initiatives, sets the strategy, and designs the desired-state experience itself—and, in many organizations, owns and controls a growing preponderance of customer touchpoints.” In 2017, we’ll see leading marketing organizations expand to incorporate contact center touchpoints with voice-of-the-customer analytics technology.

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2. Customer-centricity shines a spotlight in the contact center

Contact centers face higher expectations than ever—both internally and from customers. Earlier this year, Call Center IQ reported businesses are aligning around the idea of “customer-centricity,” making the customer experience the “driving force for all key business stakeholders.” This shift puts the contact center in the spotlight, with businesses looking to enhance customer experiences in order to increase retention, drive sales and deliver measurable business value. Achieving those business objectives means meeting the demands of the modern consumer: omnichannel interactions and personalized, intuitive service—right now.

3. Contact centers see the answer in the cloud

Adoption of cloud-based technologies has been accelerating in the contact center world for several years. But Call Center IQ reports that by 2017, one in four contact centers will rely primarily on cloud-based technologies—and 22 percent say they’ll move their entire operations to the cloud by year’s end.

What’s driving the move to the cloud? As Call Center IQ explained, “leading cloud solutions serve to directly empower stronger customer experiences.” Innovative contact centers are leveraging the seamless integration offered by cloud technologies to engage with customers across any channel, with no gaps in connectivity, agent knowledge or service quality.

Moreover, by eliminating these gaps, they’re not just expediting service—they’re improving operational efficiency by empowering agents to deliver the right service, the first time. The resulting cost savings—on top of well-known cloud efficiencies like push-button deployment, outsourced management and exceptional scalability—help the contact center tackle the challenge of improving the customer experience in the face of stagnant budgets.

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