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Connecting the Disconnected: The Promise of a Holistic Customer Experience

Now, more than ever, companies are competing on customer experience and the emotional connections they can make with consumers as they deliver it. Brands recognize the importance of delivering consistent customer experiences, however, customer interactions are still largely spread across different teams and different, disconnected systems.

We’ve all had the experience of something going wrong with a brand – whether it’s an incorrect size or a damaged item, or a service that was delayed or never fulfilled. While you reach out to their customer service team to rectify the situation, in parallel, you keep receiving campaigns to buy more. This is not only frustrating for the consumer, it also taints a company’s brand.

In a recent study we conducted, three-quarters of the 7,000 global consumers surveyed agree that it’s crucial for brands to understand a consumer’s situation and not just use every communication as a chance to sell them something. This is why I’m very excited about the alliance we announced this week between Selligent Marketing Cloud and Calabrio.

First-of-its-kind Partnership Between Selligent Marketing Cloud and Calabrio

By integrating Calabrio CX Analytics with Selligent Marketing Cloud, we are connecting outbound (marketing) and inbound (customer care) interactions to enable businesses to deliver a coordinated customer experience, starting with a few typical scenarios:

  • If a customer calls about a damaged product they purchased, the integration will allow the marketing team to suppress further communications with that particular customer until the situation is resolved.
  • Based on knowledge learned from a recent contact center interaction, marketing can go beyond the traditional post-customer service call satisfaction surveys and deliver a richer, more tailored and impactful campaign that drive positive ongoing relationships. Unhappy customer? Offer them a discount on their next purchase.
  • Marketing can receive information about trending topics that are coming into the contact center and tie that back to upcoming campaigns to drive relevant offers, upsells and cross-sells.

With rising consumer expectations, delivering thoughtful, tailored and consistent communications across all consumer touchpoints is the only way for brands to strengthen customer relationships and build long-term loyalty. This market-first partnership takes us a step closer to delivering on the promise of a truly holistic customer experience that consumers today expect.

John Hernandez is CEO of Selligent Marketing Cloud. He has spent more than 25 years at several of the world's most successful B2B and B2C technology companies directing growth strategy, global expansion, and organizational and client service excellence. In his last role prior to Selligent, John was the COO of Salesforce's Service Cloud where he was responsible for the business and product operations, as well as incubating key market adjacency solutions for Salesforce's multi-billion dollar, customer care, Service Cloud business.
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