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A Smart Measurement is a Smart Customer Journey

It’s no secret. Great customer experiences lead to customer loyalty and higher revenue. But those great experiences don’t happen over night or at the flip of a switch. The right technology needs to be in place and used in a smart way first. You need technology that helps your contact center agent better understand your customer’s behavior and patterns to deliver a great experience.

Customer journey platforms showcase analytics that explore what your customer is doing before, during, and after an interaction. It also gives your agents the right tools to provide the best customer experience.

Is a customer looking at a high priced item on your website but not completing the purchase in the checkout? Or has this customer called in before? What other history can you find on this specific customer to tailor responses?

You may have the technology in place to gather all the big data and analytics to better serve your customers. But you need to make sure you aren’t wasting time or money by collecting irrelevant data or misinterpreting it.

To ensure you aren’t wasting time, a best practice is to deploy smart measurement tools that eliminate nonessential data and express only actionable metrics. Through a combination of contact center, CRM and workforce optimization tools, you can gain invaluable insights to understand the customer’s journey across channels. In turn, you can create more meaningful interactions and a more memorable customer experience.

The customer journey is much more sophisticated today. Consequently, it needs an equally sophisticated tracking platform. Successful businesses—like those who combine Five9 and Calabrio—map their customer journey with smarter measurement to create actionable insights.

You can’t dissect the journey of every customer who comes to your website. But with informed triggers, you can highlight those who mean the most to your business goals. It’s time to be smart about the customer journey. Make smarter data-driven decisions and grow your business.

To learn more about customer journey analytics and how to be smarter with what to do with customer data, join me and Calabrio’s Todd Marthaler, Contact Center Analytics Consultant, on February 22 at 10am PST for a webinar called How Experts Use Analytics to Improve Customer Experiences. Five9 and Calabrio provide an end-to-end solution for your contact center, so you can be armed to deliver the best possible customer experiences.

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