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What It Takes to Become a Leader

Success doesn’t happen by accident. You can’t catalyze growth without a commitment to make a change. For every company, there’s a time when you must invest in prosperity and build a strategy to reach new levels of success and break through barriers.

But what if growth didn’t have to be so difficult? At Calabrio, we believe to become a leader, you must begin with the customer. That goes for the contact center agent all the way up to the C-Suite executive.

After eight years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, I’m thrilled to announce to my incredible team, our valued customers and partners, that Calabrio has been named a Leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement Center Workforce Optimization.

Our company’s growth this year, our continued commitment to helping our customers grow, and the addition of more than 140 new customers—many of which formerly used the technologies of our biggest competitors—didn’t happen by chance. It grew from a belief that customer engagement, across all industries, has arrived at a tremendous inflection point. How companies deepen their relationships with their customers is being reimagined.

We understand that the modern brand is beyond a business entity that just sells “stuff.” Businesses are representations of people, beliefs and greater missions to solve problems, so it has to be a top priority for a company to truly make a customer feel heard. This isn’t a nice to have. In five years, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key differentiator, according to the Customers 2020 Report.

When a business is customer-conscious, it learns from its interactions with its audience, which helps it make more accurate decisions for the future. This type of customer focus fuels innovation and top line growth, since customer-conscious companies are 60 percent more profitable than those who aren’t.

Our customers have been the oracle of innovation and our greatest source of motivation in getting us where we are today. Being named a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant shows how dedicated our employees have been to meeting the needs of our customers.

Our product updates and innovations often come from direct feedback from our customers. This is why we prioritize our Customer User Group (CUG) events held throughout the country, and of course our Customer Connect conference held every year. The time we spend with our customers is invaluable.

Our new position as a leader is a win for all of us. You’ve been with us along the way. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Tom Goodmanson, President and CEO of Calabrio, has more than 20 years of experience leading fast growing dynamic software and technology companies. Since assuming the CEO position in 2009, Tom is credited with reinventing the company and its culture around a strategy to expand value and reach through new, innovative products, and remarkable customer experiences. Addressing the market need for simpler solutions to complex customer interaction challenges, Tom’s vision to redefine the standard for software ease-of-use has been instrumental in making Calabrio one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.
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