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Will Bots Replace Humans in Contact Centers?

In today’s marketplace, we often expect our innovations to come from the technology sector. This means, when Facebook and Microsoft take a step to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) into human-reliant businesses—including contact centers—those of us in the industry can’t help but pay attention.

The artificial intelligence tools in question, commonly referred to as chat bots, have grown in popularity over the last year and it’s easy to see why. The chat solutions they provide are considerably more intelligent and interactive than previous models and an automated conversation can present a cost-effective solution. Chat bots seem poised to supersede apps as the customer service AI of choice, but once the bots have conquered this challenge, are we next?

The Value of a Human Connection

While the growing presence of chat bots introduces a new player to the marketplace, the importance of human presence in the contact center is more important than ever. Email and social media channels already aid contact centers in filtering out the simple questions.

But for customers who need support for a complex problem and for those who are dissatisfied with their current situation, there is no solution like a phone call. For contact centers, these are the calls that are simply too important to be left to an automated chat bot.

Where does the chatbot fit in to the contact center?

Is it destined to be just another option for skimming the simple questions? Hardly. Current artificial intelligence has the capability to support our goals more effectively than that. Plus, as the technology grows, so too will the capability. However, realizing the power of chat bots and other forms of artificial intelligence requires recognition of their real role—that of a partner to call center employees.

Companies across the globe are just starting to realize the wealth of analytical data their contact centers generate every single day. Proper use of artificial intelligence can be an essential strategy in harnessing the value of customer data. Because of machine learning, not only can chat bots answer simple questions from customers, but also catalog the data and add structure to the analytics received before analyzing it for context and patterns.

And this is just the baseline.

As artificial intelligence adapts, the right system will allow it to continually adjust its analysis parameters to harvest more, smarter data with each customer interaction. This makes the AI, your call center team and your company smarter. Now, that’s one innovation everyone can support.

Having better, smarter data is something we can all rally behind and Calabrio can help! Check out Calabrio Analytics for more details on how to change the way you view and evaluate data.

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