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CX Training, Part 3: Cloud Fosters Better Real-Time Coaching and Continual Development

In my last “CX Training” blog, I explained how cloud-based contact centre and training technologies help brands better retain the loyalty of increasingly fickle customers because they enable an entirely new realm of new-hire training and coaching possibilities.

Cloud-based apps also, however, drive an increasingly rich array of benefits for the real-time coaching and continual development of existing agents—especially if you’re managing a dispersed agent workforce like so many companies today. It’s this kind of amplified, ongoing education that keeps agents highly skilled and able to adapt to any number of changing scenarios.

Here’s why.

Cloud lets any manager more specifically, effectively coach agents.

Cloud-based apps give managers expanded visibility into the contact centre environment, so they can see precisely what’s going on and exactly where problems exist. With that insight, managers can quickly, inexpensively create and deliver custom coaching that resolves specific issues that individual agents are having and upskills all agents as scenarios change. Managers can do all of it, easily, from wherever they are.

Cloud-based apps also let managers more easily demonstrate new skills and best practices, and share recordings showing real agents put them into practice on actual calls. With cloud, managers also can effectively upskill every agent delivering customer service on behalf of their company—not just full-time agents or the agents located nearest to them.

Cloud lets agents anywhere continually hone existing and discover new skills.

Cloud-based apps enable all agents—regardless from where they work—stay current on new contact centre processes and workflows while discovering and developing new skillsets.

That’s because cloud lets contact centre leaders change their entire approach to the continuous development of existing agents. They no longer have to wait for a compelling reason or big event to bring together and train all agents at the same time. With cloud, leaders can ensure the ongoing readiness of their agents by remotely delivering training that can focus on both small and large areas of change, and be delivered and repeated as frequently as needed.

Cloud lets agents learn at their own pace, according to their own schedules.

Cloud also lets trainers and managers offer any class, coaching or demonstration as on-demand curriculum that agents can consume at a time—and place—most convenient for them.

Each agent, for example, could choose to complete a new, mandatory security or process training course during his or her own, scheduled off-phone times. With an on-demand approach, your service levels—and your customer experience—don’t have to degrade because of agents leaving their desks to attend required training.

Watch for my last blog in this “CX Training” series, where we’ll explore how cloud-based applications better prepare contact centre teams for whatever tomorrow brings.

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