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The New Era of Workforce Engagement Management Has Arrived: Announcing the New Calabrio ONE

We have all seen our fair share of challenges this year. Everyone is adapting to a new normal, and that means contact centers must deal with increased demands for flexibility and agility. From the C-Suite, to the workforce management specialist, to the contact center director — each member of the service team needs support to navigate this new era.

We want to provide solutions that let you prepare for whatever comes next. That’s why we are announcing the unveiling of a new Calabrio ONE — powered by the cloud with next-generation workforce management software at its center.


We just unveiled the new Calabrio ONE at our virtual Calabrio Customer Connect event. With the new Calabrio ONE,  we are committed to helping you resolve the specific challenges of this new era. Whether you are a C-level executive looking to keep up with new innovations, a contact center director trying to retain employees or a workforce management specialist seeking more flexibility in scheduling — we’ve designed the new Calabrio ONE just for you.

More WFM for a new era…

Calabrio WFM enables your organization, through its core functionality, to plan and manage their operations through advanced forecasting, dynamic scheduling and intelligent automation, while also providing the tools and technology to empower, educate and lead today’s workforce.

Forecast future results more effectively, make employee schedules more accessible and embrace intelligent automation within a fully integrated workforce engagement management suite:

  • Pull together data streams from across the contact center, granular forecasting designed for the world of multichannel communications and the multi-skilled agent enables organizations to better anticipate changes and prepare.
  • When the unpredictable impacts service levels, new intraday dynamic scheduling tools can adjust agent schedules in real time. They also enable WFM analysts to easily open up overtime opportunities to meet surging volume.
  • Increased automation and virtual concierge services enable the operations team to achieve more, while doing less. This is all driven by real-time monitoring so that service levels and customer experience are never in jeopardy.
  • Download our full brochure to see all the details.

…and more than just WFM.

You’re getting more than just a revitalized workforce engagement management solution with the new Calabrio ONE. You’re also getting a wholly modern approach to customer experience — through an integrated workforce engagement management suite. With the entire Calabrio ONE suite, you obtain a single source of truth about the full customer journey and contact center-performance.  Understand your customer’s behaviors and needs—and develop a strategy to respond accordingly.

  • The new Calabrio ONE elevates a fully integrated workforce engagement management (WEM) solution with seamlessly embedded analytics tools across the suite. Illuminate compelling, AI-driven insights—and put them into action to enrich human interactions.
  • With Calabrio Data Management and Data Explorer, you can create a single view of your data from across the organization. Integrate customer interaction data from inside and outside of the contact center and unify it into intelligent visualizations and dashboards that are easily accessed and shared across the enterprise for powerful decision-making.
  • Quality management and the next-generation workforce management live in a unified suite of optimization solutions. Communication between WFM and QA modules is vital in this system, as it increases the value of coaching and improves agent performance — which in turn helps deepen customer relationships.
  • Analytics include automated voice-of-the-customer and voice-of-the-employee insights such as AI-powered sentiment analysis and predictive evaluation scores which help target agent gap areas and see those agents in need of training and from there, what kind of training is needed based on interaction insights and patterns.

FAQs for Calabrio and Calabrio Teleopti WFM customers

The new Calabrio WFM has been unveiled with the integrated, best of both Calabrio WFM and Teleopti WFM unified in the full Calabrio ONE suite. Along with the exciting possibilities that the new product for the new era can offer you, we understand there can be a lot of questions.

If you’re a current customer, click here for answers to frequently asked questions within the Calabrio Customer Success Center. If you have additional questions, please contact your account representative.

If you missed out on our C3 unveiling, check out the on-demand version. And if you are wondering about how you can make the move to the new Calabrio ONE, contact us for more information!

Matt Matsui, Chief Product Officer, oversees Calabrio’s companywide product efforts. Matt joined Calabrio with more than 25 years of experience leading product and marketing organizations for a broad range of companies, including ACNielsen, Cognos, Andersen Consulting, and numerous early-stage analytics firms. Through this experience, Matt developed a keen sense for growing markets with a heavy emphasis on big data, AI/ML, and applied analytics. Matt’s proficiency is bringing to market scalable and flexible enterprise SaaS solutions that leverage the power of analytics in simple and powerful ways. He holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Maryland, a master’s degree from Northwestern University, and a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Southern California.
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