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What’s stopping you from becoming a Connected Enterprise?

In our last blog, we established what it means to be a Connected Enterprise and the benefits such connectedness brings. We then discovered how everyone gains, from employees to customers.

We learned how the secret to success lies in promoting a Connected Enterprise ethos that enables everyone, regardless of department, function or job role, to work together on cultivating better customer relationships. By eliminating data silos and combining departmental forces, Connected Enterprises can enjoy far higher levels of workforce and customer engagement than their peers.

In this second blog of the series, we reveal the most common barriers to becoming a Connected Enterprise and how to overcome them. We conclude by recommending three practical tips and techniques to guarantee a smooth transition to all-round connectedness.

“We just don’t have the time, money or resources to become more connected”

At first glance, becoming a Connected Enterprise is just another task to add to a growing ‘to do’ list and an unnecessary extra cost. This is where the Cloud comes into its own, at once simplifying and accelerating a state of connectedness without the need for new staff or expensive IT. The latest cloud-based solutions seamlessly link all contact center, CRM and critical business data to give a totally connected view of operations in real time. Moreover, they automatically boost scalability, making it possible to add new agents and features in an instant.

When looking for a BI solution, look for one that offers this kind of functionality: a VoC solution that can connect everything together and seamlessly pull in data from any source. For example, Calabrio Analytics customers can apply the new Enterprise CXI dashboards to get going.

“We are concerned about being exposed to reduced levels of security”

With the Cloud, there is no disruption. Cloud-based solutions are designed with inbuilt security features that protect the integrity of in-house and customer data while supporting compliance with important legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Special permissions settings ensure the right people have access to only the functionality and data they need. What is more, when someone leaves the company, their data history is retained inside the organization, while their privacy is protected on the outside.

2 steps to success

The most common customer concerns can be allayed, however, true self-confidence comes from within. So, what tips can Connected Enterprises share with their more hesitant peers? Here are 2 ways to encourage the right mindset:

  1. Lead from the top – the power to build confidence lies in the hands of business leaders, instilling a ‘can-do’ attitude that comes from a spirit of collaboration and shared learning. Aim to involve all parts of the organization to establish what connectedness means for your brand and communicate the definition widely. Put together a practical plan outlining simple tactics that everyone can follow to translate the vision of your new Connected Enterprise into their everyday working lives.
  2. Recognize that Rome wasn’t built in a day – it’s a step-by-step process. After all, the journey to becoming a Connected Enterprise is a huge project. Define strategies and tactics in bite-size chunks and with realistic timelines. Gain executive buy-in but involve experts from different parts of the organization, irrespective of title, to create a democratic, workable plan. Follow up with quick and effective ideas for continuous improvement that are flexible enough to accommodate changes in customer behavior and the business.

Finally, aim to work with technology partners who combine cloud-first thinking with flexible yet tightly integrated technology for maximum impact. For instance, the best workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions unify call recording, quality management, workforce management, multichannel analytics and Data Management in a single easy-to-use platform for all-round IT connectivity and customer connectedness.

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