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What’s New in Calabrio ONE Cloud 2016.10?

The holidays are fast approaching so get ahead of things now by staying up-to-date with the latest release from Calabrio. In this short video, we’ll explore this month’s key enhancements to Calabrio ONE Cloud.




Quality Management Updates:

  • Variable Playback Speed: The Media Player now supports variable playback speed for audio recordings.
  • Interactive Download On-Demand: Download on Demand now shows more detailed recording availability information. You have greater control over whether to request a force upload for portions of recordings that are unavailable or to play back the portions that are available.
  • Cloud Reconciliation and Gather Plug-In: Calabrio ONE now supports Gateway Recording with reconciliation. Gateway recording is available for the following telephony implementations – ACME Packet SIPREC, CUBE SIPREC, & Sonus SIPREC.


Workforce Management Updates:

  • Intraday Dynamic Scheduling: Intraday Dynamic Scheduling streamlines the process for agents taking voluntary overtime and time off. Intraday analysts can adjust coverage to account for shrinkage after schedules are run. Agents have more control over their schedules.
  • Intraday Lunch/Break Optimization: Intraday Lunch/Break Optimization allows you to optimize lunches and breaks by service queue for better coverage. Lunch/break movement and maximum adjustment options are configured with work conditions and schedulers can preview schedule changes  before saving them. Schedules created prior to 2016.10 will need to be re-run to use this feature.
  • Schedule Release Profiles: Schedule Release Profiles allow administrators and schedulers to customize when agents are able to view specific weeks in future schedules. This allows for individual exceptions to the default schedule release cycle as defined by the Number of Weeks Visible in Agent Schedules in WFM Global Settings.
  • Agent Mentoring Requests: Agents can now send public requests for mentoring in a particular performance category.
  • Administrator Updates: Administrators can now make bulk edits to the main service queue at the service queue level as opposed to needing to make individual edits to each user assigned to it.


Analytics Update:

  • Custom Reports: You can now create and save custom reports using visual assets based on your Analytics, QM, and WFM transactional data.


System Update

The system update for Calabrio ONE Cloud 2016.10 will take place on Saturday, November 12, 2016 from 6:00AM-12:00PM CST.  During the system update there may be times where users cannot access CalabrioCloud.com; Calabrio ONE Cloud is designed to be resilient to network connectivity issues and during the maintenance period there will be no interruption for data capture, including voice and screen recording, desktop analytics data, or ACD data capture.  All data is captured locally and when the maintenance is completed the data will automatically be sent to CalabrioCloud.com for processing.

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