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Announcing Calabrio ONE v11

Our Latest Analytics-Fueled Customer Experience Intelligence Suite

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Calabrio ONE Version 11 reimagines the user experience, allowing business users of all backgrounds to intuitively consume and act upon data with less effort and more precision by embedding analytics and business-driven visual discovery into their everyday customer experience tools.

v11 takes our mantra of “easy, personalized, and smart” to the next level with a transformational redesign that includes:

AI-fueled Analytics Serve Up Self-Service Insights 

Calabrio’s approach to embedding analytics throughout the Calabrio ONE solution goes beyond the industry standard of bolt-on business intelligence tools and introduces:

  • Enterprise-level KPIs to easily measure and manage performance against goals, instead of simply tracking metrics.
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis displayed alongside recording transcription to provide a more holistic view of interactions during playback.
  • At-a-glance stats on key agent metrics when viewing an interaction, and drill-down capability for a more granular view.
  • Unified dashboard technology that brings together all of a user’s most meaningful insights in one place.

Reimagined User Experience Blends Human and Artificial Intelligence

The new Calabrio ONE suite transforms the user interface and introduces a modern, intuitive design aligned with how users process large amounts of complex information. Calabrio is changing the way organizations work through:

  • New vertically oriented media player that uses the same scrolling used every day in social media feeds, text threads and mobile web pages.
  • Side-by-side panels display contact data—whether audio, text or machine learning-driven analytics—chronologically during playback, providing a simpler, better way to synchronize complex information.
  • Drillable data enables users to explore insights multi-dimensionally and find the right level of data for their business questions.
  • The revolutionary new media player embeds AI-powered analytics for a more holistic view of interactions; including NLP based sentiment analysis and an Agent Profile Card that provides at-a-glance agent stats.

Continued Focus on Globalization and Enterprise Maintainability

  • Expanded globalization options with the ability to standardize time zones across the suite and provide the flexibility to automatically adjust to the needs of local offices and users.
  • Improved and expanded proactive suite-wide monitoring, notification, and configuration capabilities continue to ease enterprise administration efforts and increase scalability.
  • New scheduling tools manage the workforce needs of geographically diverse, large-scale, and dynamic enterprise environments.

The new Calabrio ONE suite will be generally available in April 2019.  To learn more about the exciting new features in this release check out these resources:

To learn more about the key developments in this release, check out the What’s New in 11.0 video below, download the 11.0 release notes, or visit the Product Updates page of the Calabrio Success Center.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Calabrio Support Services at +1 (800) 303-1248 or via email at [email protected].

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