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Meet the Moment: Agility for the Modern Contact Center.

The new Calabrio workforce management is here! Calabrio workforce management is designed for the modern contact center and the modern workforce. Through employee empowerment tools, intelligent automation, customized reporting and global support, Calabrio’s WFM solution addresses the acute needs organizations face in today’s challenging environment, while helping navigate the evolving world of work going forward.
Calabrio WFM is a highly agile and scalable workforce management platform that allows delivery of seamless experiences for customers, agents and contact center managers—no matter where employees are working

Snapshot of Calabrio's Workforce Management

The Demands of a New Era

We are committed to helping you resolve the specific challenges of this new era. Whether you are a C-level executive looking to keep up with new innovations, a contact center director trying to retain employees or a workforce management specialist seeking more flexibility in scheduling – we’ve designed the new Calabrio WFM just for you.

Challenges facing the modern contact center

C-Suite / VP

Our organization is constantly evaluating how we can streamline our customer service processes, improve employee morale, and provide a better customer experience. I don’t feel we have the tools and technology to optimize these areas.”

Streamline customer service processes through robust intelligent automation tools and improve employee morale by empowering employees through ownership of their performance metrics and with a variety of employee empowerment tools and mobile self-service capabilities. Happy employees mean happy customers.

Contact Center Director

It’s hard to meet customer expectations with our current employee attrition levels. I want to run a flexible organization where people want to work and where we are not falling into a cycle of continuous hiring and training, which increases our costs and impacts customer service.”

Calabrio WFM’s self-service and dynamic scheduling technology will match the dynamism of your operations / employees, fostering a more flexible, desirable working environment that meets the needs of your remote, hybrid or on-site employees

Workforce Planner

I feel overwhelmed with the amount of time I spend processing scheduling requests. I want to be seen as fair and helpful, but I don’t have the technology or time. I want to give our employees more of a say in their schedules while they work from home, but I feel it would impact our customer service. We don’t have the right tools.”

Incorporate powerful technology into your WFM processes via self-service tools that give your employees more input into their schedule and automated contact center platform connectors to streamline forecast creation, schedule generation and communication processes.

Customer Service Representative

There is no flexibility in my schedule, and I don’t have a lot of insight or influence on my career development.”

Provide greater visibility into your employees’ performance metrics through personalized dashboards containing the data that matters most to them. Leverage employee empowerment tools such as Grant and Self-scheduling from either the employees mobile device or desktop

The New Calabrio WFM for a New ERA

Calabrio WFM enables your organization, through its core functionality, to plan and manage their operations through advanced forecasting, dynamic scheduling, and intelligent automation, while also providing the tools and technology to empower, educate and lead today’s workforce



  • Build precise forecasts in minutes – not days. Easily create multi-skill, multichannel forecasting for both short- and long-term planning, as well as for trends and seasonality analyses.
  • Streamline workflows. Build schedules in minutes with a powerful, multi-skill scheduling-optimization engine for effective employee planning, while considering work-hour legislation, demand, employee requests–and more.


  • Predict spikes—and lulls. Mine historical data to see call volume trends. Be prepared—but not overstaffed.
  • Respond to changes in real time. React to surges or ebbs in interaction volumes with dynamic intraday scheduling tools.
  • Manage your voluntary time off and over time process with Grant, the AI-fueled chatbot.Let Grant create proactively fill overtime opportunities and additional hours in real time, with minimal involvement from administrators.


  • Empower agents with flexible scheduling. Accommodate complex agent scheduling preferences. Give agents greater control through dynamic scheduling functionality and automated self-service technology.
  • Show agents the value they deliver. Connect agent performance with key contact center metrics. Enhanced reporting functionality helps organizations align employees with the strategic objectives of the business. Let agents see the value the provide and deepen their sense of fulfillment.
  • My Life, My Time. Calabrio WFM allows agents to stay informed of their upcoming scheduling or make changes through the mobile app
female agent celebrating workforce management
Male agent celebrating workforce management



  • Unlock the Power of Your Data. Customize your reporting with key metrics that mean the most to your contact center. Reports and dashboards can be created so that users all have access to information and up to date data that was previously difficult to obtain and combine.
  • Quick Insights at Your Fingertips. Create customized dashboards power by Data Explorer technology with most meaningful data to you presented on your homepage experience when you login. With the ever-changing contact center environment quickly adjust the metrics on your homepage to stay informed at a quick glance and dig into areas that need focus all while on your homepage.
  • Gamification – Promote Agent Performance and Development Educate and motivate employees with badges and scorecards and reward top-performers based on metrics important to your business.


  • Harness the voice of your customer and enhance employee engagement through analytics-fueled workflows powered by the Calabrio ONE suite.
  • Maximized mobility / Self-Service: Let employees not only influence their schedule but actually manage it through advanced automation


DISH empowers employees through preference-based scheduling

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