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Workforce Optimisation for the Modern Contact Centre

Uncover insights and empower human interactions with an easy, personalised and smart Workforce Engagement Management suite.

Ventana Research positions Calabrio
as an Exemplary Vendor in
Agent Management Value Index.

Crack the code on workforce wellbeing.
Make it your competitive edge with the wellbeing recovery toolkit.

Gartner explores emerging trends in customer support and service and compares existing Workforce Engagement Management solutions, including Calabrio’s.

Calabrio ONE

A fully integrated customer engagement suite.

What can we help you with?

call recording customer experience strategies

Call Recording

 Amazingly clean and simple. Capture and retrieve calls quickly and accurately. Never miss a call.

quality management- customer experience strategies

Quality Management

Access and evaluate 100% of your customer interactions. Gain powerful performance insights.

workforce management- customer experience strategies

Workforce Management

More than optimised staffing levels, modern tools improve predictability and performance.

analytics- customer experience strategies

Calabrio Analytics

Integrate multichannel customer input to gain unprecedented visibility and control.

advanced reporting- customer experience strategies

Data Management

Visualise call centre metrics. Cross-reference data enterprise-wide. Deliver impactful insights.

Calculate your savings with intelligent workforce management automation

Discover your company’s money & time savings with Calabrio’s instant calculator

Workforce Engagement

customer experience

Customer Experience

Optimise every customer
experience with complete,
actionable data.

workforce engagement

Workforce Engagement

Leverage the insights we deliver
to empower and engage
call centre employees.

risk and compliance

Risk and Compliance

Confirm compliance, document
customer interactions and
protect your enterprise.

Modern Contact Centres Choose Calabrio

4.5 out of 5

Gartner Peer Insights

4.2 out of 5


4.3 out of 5


See how our customers transform their
agent & customer experience with Calabrio

The flexibility and mobility of calabrio has enabled us to expand operations to meet an international audience, as well as schedule a global, remote agent workforce.”

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