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The Power of Workforce Engagement

Empower Your Workforce, Elevate Employee Engagement

The Power of Workforce Engagement

Deeply Engaged Employees. Incredibly Loyal Customers. What’s Not to Love?

Next-Level Employee
Engagement Begins Here

Compelling evidence links employee engagement with outcomes that matter to every organisation—customer loyalty, revenue generation, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and retention of high-performing employees. Calabrio ONE offers entirely unique features that extract the best possible performance from your contact centre employees. No matter how complex your offerings or your customer base may be, Calabrio ONE provides your team with access to intelligent tools that enable them to deliver measurably better performance at a lower cost.

WFM Focused on You

Calabrio WFM enhances the contact centre suite by providing forecasting and scheduling options through a combination of world-class tools. With a strong focus on work/life balance for the agents, our WFM solution helps organisations focus on providing attractive schedule options while still maintaining appropriate business targets. Our WFM solution is designed with humans in mind. We use automation, self-service and AI-driven capabilities to support and enhance the agents’ everyday workflow.

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Happy Agents. Happier Customers. More Revenue.

The contact centre is often the last line of defence in customer retention. The need to attract and retain high-calibre employees is intensifying. Workforce engagement management (WEM) is emerging as a powerful new way to elevate and sustain the customer experience. In fact, studies show that even a 5% increase in employee engagement in the contact centre can drive 3% incremental gains in revenue.

engage and retain best employees

Engage, Retain and Empower Your Best Employees

Calabrio ONE enables managers to create a real-time feedback loop with call centre agents, ensuring the entire contact centre—even top performers—continues to evolve skills and performance. Agents can view evaluations as they are completed and make real-time adjustments to their performance. Not surprisingly, this immediate feedback is one of the top drivers of employee satisfaction and retention. Your managers have never experienced technology like this. They can help agents instil a sense of pride in their daily performance and take ownership of their ongoing improvement.

engage and retain best employees

Calabrio WEM Principles

Motivating employees can involve positive rewards or negative punishment to achieve desired results. Calabrio builds tools and technology around the positive aspect, promoting productivity through a fun, gamified environment.


People often strive for control and collabouration in their work. Calabrio offers a range of self-service tools, empowering employees to get feedback and take action from anywhere, whether on the job via a web portal or on the bus from a mobile app.

Work-Life Balance
Work-life balance is about being able to fit my work around my life and not my life around my work. Our industry-leading solutions allow employees to influence when they should work or be off, including shift trading, requests and preferences, all while covering service levels.

Competence Development
Enabling employees with the right development and coaching is good for the customer, company and the individual employee. Calabrio helps find the time for employee training, driving employee confidence and engagement, as well as securing required service levels.

“Calabrio ONE has helped us keep our agents more engaged. It has helped with coaching and evaluating agents’ performance more quickly and providing feedback when necessary.”

Michelle Lane
– Customer Service Centre Manager, Broadway Bank

Workforce Engagement Management
(WEM) Features

Self-scheduling: Boost your employees’ motivation by giving them more control over their schedule with the newest addition to our self-service tools – Self-Scheduling! Transform employee productivity and company culture by transitioning from a more rigid, manual working environment to a flexible, digitally optimised workplace.

Maximised mobility: Harnessing the ever-increasing use of smart phones, especially for all online activities, Calabrio offers a self-service mobile app. Frontline agents easily communicate their requests and absences wherever they are, as well as stay up to date with any schedule changes

Gamification: Agents can earn badges based on quality scores and schedule adherence. This gamification engages and motivates agents by inspiring competition and reinforcing positive behaviours.

Coaching and mentoring: Agents can track their performance through widget-based dashboards and adjust their performance as needed. Agents can also request mentoring from their peers— boosting both low performers and providing developmental opportunities to high performers.

Evaluation and improvement: Sophisticated, advanced analytics tools—such as multi-channel interaction evaluations, self-evaluations and predictive evaluations—support the evaluation and scoring of agents.

Time management: Dynamic scheduling and dynamic availability offer choices for agents while also balancing the needs of the contact centre in order to drive better agent engagement without sacrificing customer service.

Intraday management: Agents have the flexibility to take on overtime or take voluntary time off for unforeseen changes in staffing requirements, all while keeping the needs of the business in mind.

Performance management/metrics and recognition: Enhanced agent scorecard functionality enables managers to customise evaluations to specific agent goals. Managers also can connect evaluation scores with agent benchmarking technology.

Voice of the Employee (VoE): Calabrio reveals VoE insights to enable coaching and training, and allows managers to identify and address issues before they impact engagement or lead to turnover.

Workforce Optimisation Becomes
Workforce Engagement with Calabrio ONE

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