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5 Ways to Improve Your Voice of the Customer Programme

As CX tops the business agenda, there’s never been a better time to master the art of listening. Jade Turley at Calabrio shows us how with a simple step-by-step guide. Delivering the right customer experience (CX) is typically a top priority for businesses for good reason. According to international outsourcers CGS, 80% of consumers feel [...]
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Contact Centres Impact Customer Loyalty: 5 Ways to Turn Agents into Brand Guardians

In these uncertain economic times, how do we nurture agents to secure revenue? Recent research shows consumers believe there is a direct correlation between contact centres and brand loyalty. Magnus Geverts of Calabrio discusses what organisations can do to support their frontline staff. In the latest State of the Contact Centre Report the vast majority [...]
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UK Consumers Say It’s Good to Talk but Are Contact Centres Really Listening?

Despite a rise in digital interactions, the phone call still holds a special place in consumer hearts. Graeme Meikle, Senior WFM Consultant and Project Manager at Calabrio, highlights three areas to make sure agents are speaking your customers’ language. Recently, Calabrio surveyed 250 consumers around the world and the results were impressive. While the majority [...]
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The 9 Essentials of Quality Management Systems

A massive survey of 10,000 consumers across Europe that assessed customer expectations before and during the first lockdown of 2020 revealed that almost a third (32%) of consumers will not spend with a brand that provided a poor service during lockdown again. If you extrapolate this against what they would have spent, it means businesses [...]
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Calabrio Paves the Way for South Africa’s Cloud Contact Centre WFO Journey Alongside AWS Cape Town Launch

As Calabrio deploys its true cloud Workforce Optimisation (WFO) offering via AWS in South Africa, Olle Düring at Calabrio outlines five reasons why this latest news matters to customers in the region. When it comes to digital transformation, the huge potential of South Africa is fast becoming a reality thanks to the arrival of new [...]
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What Is Average Handle Time (AHT) in the Contact Center?

What Is Average Handle Time (AHT)?  Average handle time (AHT) is the average duration of a customer call in a contact center. It starts from the moment a customer gets connected with an agent after waiting in a queue until the end of that interaction. This also includes all talk-time, hold time, and after call [...]
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Workforce wellbeing – 7 essential elements of an effective corporate programme

Personal and organisational growth go hand in hand. Ross Daniels at Calabrio shares his top tips for an effective wellbeing programme to build a happy and productive team. In this workforce wellbeing management series, we’re bringing a magnifying glass to the current state of the contact centre, the rising stress levels in contact centres, and […]

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Self-Scheduling: The answer to agent stress in modern, omnichannel contact centres

With stress levels in contact centres as a constant, Magnus Geverts at Calabrio discusses how to balance the needs of employees and the business with a fresh approach to agent self-scheduling. I have been in the Workforce Management (WFM) business for over 20 years and during this time, contact centre leaders have again and again [...]
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