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Protect What Matters Most

Risk & Compliance Innovations for the Contact Centre

Protect What Matters Most

Risk & Compliance Innovations for the Contact Centre

Building a More Secure Contact Centre from the Ground Up

The stakes are increasing when it comes to risk and compliance in the contact centre. Protecting customer data against increasingly sophisticated threats presents a key challenge. So does ensuring that agents and processes comply with government and industry regulations. One thing is certain in this evolving environment—the design of the software, systems and processes you use must reflect an intimate knowledge of both data security and regulatory compliance.

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Risk & Compliance Mitigation Based on Deep Industry Knowledge

Our approach to risk and compliance is based on deep industry knowledge. Whether it’s PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Frank-Dodd, or MiFID, we understand the complexities of both your industry and your customer interactions. We give contact centre managers the tools to detect fraud, conduct investigations and mitigate specific security risks for customers in a wide range of markets, including financial, retail, government and healthcare. All of this while providing a solution designed to support compliance to personal data regulations such as GDPR or CCPA.

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Safe in the Cloud—Strong Security for Customer Data

Every contact centre leader wants to know, “Is my data safe in the cloud?” The answer is, “Yes.” The security of our cloud infrastructure exceeds that of traditional on-premises systems. Our software automatically encrypts of all your data—while it’s in use, in transit and in storage. Even in the unlikely event that an unauthorised user acquired some of your data, sophisticated encryption techniques would render it useless to them. Moreover, Calabrio leverages built-in security mechanisms in the cloud to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability. Learn more about our commitments to Information Security.

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Analytics-Driven Compliance—A Smarter Approach

Compliance doesn’t have to be a thorn in the side of contact centre management. Calabrio’s powerful analytics engines give managers an intelligent eye on every customer interaction. See script compliance trends. Get alerts when agents say something they shouldn’t—or when customers threaten escalation or litigation. Our technologies drive a smarter approach to compliance, enabling proactive issue resolution and agent coaching, while delivering assurance that agents are staying on script.

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Simplifying PCI Compliance

Calabrio offers both manual and automated pause and resume features to help contact centres to capture the information they need to drive consistently outstanding customer experiences, while ensuring no sensitive information is ever recorded. Our intelligent software responds in real-time to customer language and agent actions, eliminating human error without slowing down agent workflows. Contact centres can support PCI compliance efforts while protecting their valued customers and their invaluable reputation.

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PCI Compliance with
Calabrio ONE

Learn how Calabrio ONE can help your organisation meet and maintain PCI compliance requirements through our informative brochure.

“We use Calabrio ONE to monitor and evaluate employee compliance to policy and federal guidelines. We would recommend Calabrio ONE, and we consider it to be a great product.”

Compliance Officer
– Financial Services Company

Making the Move
to the Cloud

Nearly 50% of organisations will use a cloud-based contact centre technology by the end of 2021.

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