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Unlock the goldmine of intelligence buried in your contact centre with sophisticated AI and ML-fueled speech, desktop and text analyticsembedded throughout the new Calabrio ONE. Illuminate compelling, AI-driven insights—and put them into action to enrich human interactions. Transform every customer interaction, including web conference meetings, into usable data. Distill that data into key trends. Extract insights to drive profitable change in the contact centre and across your business. It’s time to harness the true voice of your customer.

Demands of the New Era

We want to help you resolve the challenges of this new era.
You need to fully understand your business, inside and out. For many businesses, customer behaviour and internal operations have dramatically changed. Keeping up with the pace of change is critical. With Calabrio Analytics, you obtain a single source of truth about the full customer journey and contact centre-performance. Understand your customer’s behaviours and needs—and develop a strategy to respond accordingly.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Elevate the customer experience

See the pain points. Identify customer friction points by monitoring interaction trends—from product or service delivery issues to snags in contact centre processes.

Know your customers’ needs before they’re spoken. Anticipate customer needs. Resolve issues faster. Deliver more personalised interactions with predictive analytics tools.

Deliver omnichannel experiences. Connect advanced speech analytics and text analytics tools across every channel, including social media, chat, email, SMS, messaging, web and video conferencing. Drive consistent, omnichannel customer experiences.

enhance employee engagement

Enhance Employee Engagement

With the new demands of today’s remote workforce, keeping agents engaged, motivated and inspired is key to the success of the modern contact centre.

Create intelligent benchmarks. Set smart goals. Show agents how they compare with their peers and enable them to self-coach with personalised dashboards. Inspire them to get better with one-click best practises sharing.

Evaluate in near real-time.  Create a timely feedback loop. Give agents the personalised coaching they need. Use desktop analytics to discover where agents get hung up.

Improve agent performance. It’s simple. More engaged agents are better agents. Modern contact centre analytics tools reveal VoE insights to enable coaching and training, allowing managers to identify and address issues before they impact employee engagement or  generate turnover.

enhance employee engagement

Drive Key Contact Centre Performance Metrics

Find the bottlenecks. See where conversations hit dead-ends. Spot the snags and the slowdowns. Free your organisation from lethargic systems and cumbersome processes.

Increase operational efficiency. See the big-picture trends. Recognise  opportunities to streamline workflows. Extract insights that drive better, faster service.

Mitigate risk and drive compliance. Increase script adherence. Prevent litigation and fines. Act before these issues impact revenue.

enable customer centric market

Enable Customer-Centric Marketing

See your true advantages. Understand customer preferences. Gain a customer-centric view on competitive differentiators.

Create a consistent brand experience. Align the contact centre with brand initiatives. Deliver a consistent customer experience at every touch point.

Hone messaging and campaigns. Hear what’s working—and what isn’t—directly from your customers.

enable customer centric market
accelerate sales

Accelerate Sales

Know your customer. Create rich customer profiles. Understand their needs and their frustrations. See how your brand fits in their lives.

Build intelligent sales workflows. Capture every upsell and cross-sell opportunity. Create smart sales workflows to drive successful closing.

Create entirely new revenue streams. Listen to the voice of your customer. Identify and deliver on unmet needs. Deepen customer connections and drive new revenue.

Dig deeper

See Calabrio’s full range of intelligent analytics tools and functionalities.

The Complete Customer Interaction Analytics Platform

The only fully-integrated, multi-channel analytics solution including speech, text, and desktop analytics – in one unified suite. No add-ons required.


Calabrio Analytics combines the power of both phonetics and speech-to-text, giving organisations the most robust, accurate, and efficient speech analytics tool on the market.


Also known as Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR), Speech-to-Text transcribes audio to full-text transcripts, mining them for words, phrases, and context. It enables you to run ad-hoc searches, perform in-depth investigations, understand sentiment and identify the root cause of issues that are most impactful to your success.

Industry leading Speech-to-Text:

  • Accuracy rates consistently 5%-15% higher than other industry solutions – often the difference between understanding meaning and not.
  • Powered by GPU-accelerated hardware to transcribe audio up to 150 times faster than real-time (5-6x faster per core than other industry solutions).

Phonetic speech recognition and processing converts sound data to phonemes (the building blocks of speech) and matches the phonemes to words and phrases. It’s fast, and because it’s not limited by a dictionary, you can easily tune it to recognise jargon, regional accents, proprietary names and other open vocabularies.


Text Analytics

Roughly one-third of a contact centre’s interactions are text-based, occurring through channels including email, chat, text, social media, and surveys. Text analytics allows users to capture and analyse 100% of customer and employee text-based interactions, driving a seamless omnichannel strategy. Text analytics is built on the same infrastructure as speech analytics, providing consistency and reliability other industry solutions cannot.

Multi-channel analytics allows you to:

  • Gain insight into every customer touchpoint and interaction.
  • Better understand the agent journey, solve agent challenges, remove obstacles in the way of success, and increase agent job satisfaction.
  • View trends – whether via email, chat, website, back office, social media or survey – in a common dashboard for holistic analysis by channel.

Desktop Analytics

Capture and analyse all agent desktop activity to ensure agents are solving customer issues by using the appropriate tools available.

Use desktop analytics to:

  • Facilitate compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and other regulations governing the recording of sensitive data with pause-and-resume tools that automatically pause screen, audio, and keystroke recording. Eliminate human error without slowing down agents and ensure that sensitive information is never recorded or stored.
  • Track desktop activity and correlate customer speech and text interactions with agent actions to understand the applications and processes that drive successful outcomes. Learn when lagging technology is slowing success and identify knowledge gaps that hinder customer satisfaction. Build agent best practises and give employees the tools they need to be their most effective.
  • Use desktop activity triggers to create automated workflows based on specific agent. For example, an order cancellation might automatically trigger an evaluation. Or unauthorized screen access might trigger a supervisor alert.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Calabrio Analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to drive better and faster predictive models from customer interactions. Our machine learning architecture predicts the outcomes that most affect your contact centre and allows you to take proactive measures to improve your contact centre operations.

Sentiment Analysis

Translates all call interactions into a sentiment score of positive, neutral, or negative without waiting for lagging feedback sources like sales or post-call surveys. Spot trends in sentiment and quickly make changes to areas of your business impacting the customer experience. Use sentiment scores to identify interactions for agent coaching and how to handle emerging issues.

Analytics NPS score vector

Predictive Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Utilises NPS survey data along with speech data to give you a Net Promoter Score for every single customer from 100% of your customer interaction data. Machine learning pin-points characteristics of customer interactions that have the biggest impact on satisfaction scores and translates this to insights on your larger customer base. The model becomes more accurate and fine-tunes itself the more customer surveys are completed.

analytics-predictive product collage

Predictive Evaluations

Applies an AI model to manually completed evaluations along with speech analytics data to predict evaluation scores on 100% of all customer interactions. The average organisation evaluates just 2% of all customer interactions but how do you know if those are the right interactions to evaluate? Predictive Evaluations allows you to select interactions with low predictive scores, helping you find the most impactful communications to analyse.


Radial improves efficiency with the deep functionality and insights offered by Calabrio ONE

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See raw data transformed into rich business insights.

The Contact Centre Analytics Kit

If you’re looking to unlock the voice of the customer through speech and text analytics, we’ve got a handy toolkit just for you. Download the analytics kit to learn about analytics use cases, how to start an analytics programme, and how Calabrio helps organisations transform customer interaction data into meaningful customer insights.

Transforming the Contact Centre into a Customer Intelligence Hub

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