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Enterprise Performance Management

Simple and Holistic

Enterprise Performance Management

Simple and Holistic

Performance Management with Calabrio ONE

Calabrio ONE enables an intelligent, analytics-fueled approach to enterprise performance management. Automatically aggregate, analyse and track agent performance data. Enable targeted coaching and inspiring gamification. Leverage intuitive, holistic reporting visualisations that deliver relevant, compelling insights to agents, managers and supervisors. Motivate highly engaged and high-performing agents. Deliver the outstanding customer experiences that drive business growth.

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Enterprise Performance Management
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Get the Full Picture of Performance

Calabrio ONE automatically integrates data from across your contact centre—and across your business—breaking down silos and fuelling more complete, more accurate metrics and KPIs. Leverage data from anywhere in your organisation—including case management, revenue, attendance, schedules, quality scores, NPS and skill sets—to understand at a glance what’s driving key performance indicators. Then take an efficient and effective path to adjust training as needed.

100% Capture: Capture and evaluate 100% of customer interactions with Calabrio Analytics.
Omni-Channel: Leverage text and speech-to-text analytics to pull together phone, email, text, chat, social media and more into a single, omni-channel view of customer interactions.
Any Data Source, Anywhere: Integrate key data streams from across the enterprise—including CRM, ERP, HR—to power multi-dimensional KPIs and reports.

Contact Centre Focused Business Intelligence

Real-Time Insights

Customizable Dashboards

Intuitive Reports Visualisations

Embedded Self-Service Analytics Tools

Aggregate, organise and analyse data from any source in the organisation to create a comprehensive and balanced scorecard of performance.

Powerful, embedded analytics tools deliver KPIs and relevant insights in real time—instead of static calculations that lag a day behind.

Highly customisable dashboards give agents, supervisors and managers an at-a-glance view of the information most relevant to their jobs—including gamification and leaderboard tools.

Plain language and vivid visualisations make KPIs and reports easy for anyone in your organisation to understand.

Advanced analytics tools are seamlessly embedded into performance management workflows and purpose built to be intuitive for anyone to use—making AI-fuelled insights just a few clicks away.

Enterprise KPIs

Measure performance against business objectives. Calabrio ONE provides supervisors and managers with pre-built and highly customisable enterprise KPIs that enable you to move from simply tracking metrics to truly measuring performance against business objectives. Set enterprise-wide goals—that may vary based on team, group or service queue—and Calabrio ONE delivers visualisations that show how you’re performing.

Intuitive & Personalised Dashboards

See your most critical information at a glance. Powerful Calabrio ONE dashboards give you an at-a-glance view of your most critical KPIs from across the entire suite. Easily customise and manage KPIs, build role- and goal-specific dashboards, and watch AI-driven data visualisation bring your data to life. Drill down and drill through any KPI and any metric, getting multi-dimensional insights with just a few clicks.

Analytics-Driven Agent Evaluation & Coaching

Power smarter, more effective training. Calabrio ONE leverages embedded analytics tools to power predictive evaluations, enabling you to score 100% of customer interactions—and even get predictive NPS scores for every interaction—for a more accurate, detailed view of agent performance. Leverage agent profiles for a look at a specific agent’s performance trends and issues, informing smarter coaching and training.

Agent Dashboards & Gamification

Inspire self-improvement. Create agent dashboards that deliver near-real-time feedback that agents crave. Robust, easy-to-use gamification tools help you inspire healthy competition among your agents. Simple benchmarking lets your agents see how they measure up, motivating self-improvement.

Success in the Experience Era

C-suite executives rank customer experience as a key priority of global business. Learn where 800 executives say their organisation falls short.

Industry Insiders—Innovative Insights

Read what the experts are saying on the future of customer experience.

Health of the Contact Centre Report

A recent study of 1,000 agents worldwide uncovers the true health of today’s contact centres. Read the report for key findings that can help you revitalise your agent experience.

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