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Flexibility is Key for the Modern, Multichannel Contact Centre

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With customer expectations at an all-time high, brands have never been under more pressure to deliver a great customer experience if they want to compete for business and, ultimately, customer loyalty. For multichannel contact centres, that means being accessible when customers need help and offering unprecedented levels of service. This pressure to deliver such a lofty experience is forcing contact centres to modernise, and the cloud is the key to helping them get there.

At Calabrio, we know that the stakes are high, and we’ve designed our entire platform around the needs of the modern contact centre. As contact centres evaluate how to deliver the multichannel experience customers want, there is one need clearly rising to the surface: flexibility. With the new Calabrio ONE platform, contact centres now have the ultimate flexibility to move to the cloud and modernise in any way they choose. This includes accommodating:

  • Customer needs – Customers want to communicate with brands anywhere and at any time. This means that brands must be ready and available with a multichannel strategy.
  • Agent needs – Agents must be both equipped and motivated to deliver the experience that customers want, and that means being engaged and accessible, regardless of time zone or location.
  • Enterprise IT needs – Technical operations groups require the flexibility to integrate various applications to solve enterprise problems. The Calabrio ONE platform is built in such a way that it seamlessly integrates with other applications to truly uncover new insights to drive business efficiencies.

To say this is a tall order is an understatement. So how, then, can brands deliver that level of flexibility and accessibility? The answer lies in the Calabrio ONE platform.

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A Flexible Contact Centre Platform

The cloud offers unprecedented accessibility for both customers and agents, and it gives multichannel contact centres the tools they need to deliver on the promise of a great customer experience. However, platform flexibility is critical as contact centres take steps to modernise because, for many brands, the move to the cloud simply won’t happen overnight. At Calabrio, we understand that every contact centre has different needs and that no two deployments are the same.

This is exactly why we designed the Calabrio ONE platform to be the same seamless experience, whether brands choose an on-premises, hybrid, or full cloud deployment. The IT department has full flexibility to move seamlessly from an on-premises solution to the cloud with an ACD-agnostic solution that offers feature parity across all deployment methods. With the Calabrio ONE platform, contact centres have a clear path to the cloud through our flexible infrastructure, all without sacrificing features or consistency.

A Flexible Customer Experience

Calabrio ONE allows companies to communicate with customers across all channels, at any time. With this level of full accessibility, agents can work from different locations—including from home—and across time zones, which gives customers the “always on” service that they want. Every agent, regardless of location, has the same Calabrio ONE solutions at his or her fingertips, allowing the contact centre to create a consistent customer experience while giving agents the flexibility that they need.

With Calabrio ONE, brands can:

  • Meet business requirements in any IT environment
  • Scale to accommodate staffing fluctuations and meet customer demand
  • Move to the cloud whenever, however they want
  • Give agents the tools they need to be accessible, regardless of location

There’s no doubt about it: multichannel contact centres must modernise in order to meet the expectations of customers, and the cloud will get them there. Brands must be everywhere, on every channel, and easily accessible to deliver the right customer experience. To achieve that accessibility, they must have new levels of flexibility to deploy a solution that gets them to the cloud however and whenever they want. With the best technology and the most flexible deployment options, Calabrio ONE gives the modern contact centre the tools it needs to meet, and exceed, customer expectations.

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Austin Messer is a Product Manager at Calabrio focusing on the Calabrio One Platform. Austin has over 15 years telecommunications and networking experience, including architectural design and implementation of multiple Unified Communications and Contact Center vendors. Austin specializes in Platform Integrations as well as furthering Calabrio’s strategy around advancing data and media capture techniques. Austin has many years of experience with Calabrio’s Quality Management experience both from a design and implementation standpoint as well as Product Management position.
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