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Calabrio Delivers Highly Accurate Sentiment Analysis to Capture and Interpret Customer Insights

Sentiment Analysis Customer Insights

In the intense race to drive customer loyalty, companies are more focused than ever on the customer experience (CX). In fact, 72 percent of businesses say that improving customer experience is at the top of the list to grow business. It’s clear that customers are driving brands to transform, and many organisations are turning to technology to make necessary CX improvements. However, customers are still picking up the phones: recent reports show that contact centre call volume is up by 39 percent in just the past 18 months.

Today contact centres rely upon mainly post-call surveys and focus groups to ascertain customer sentiment. However, the percentage of customers who take the time to respond to surveys or participate in focus groups is so small, this should only be one piece of the puzzle when determining an organisation’s customer satisfaction level.

This week, we announced a new version of Calabrio ONE, featuring Sentiment Analysis. This new solution delivers accurate and meaningful customer engagement metrics. The technology automatically delivers a sentiment score for every voice-transcribed customer interaction—empowering the organisation to enhance sales, improve marketing strategies, and make product or operational changes. In fact, Calabrio engineers found that Calabrio’s Sentiment Analysis delivered results that were 25 percent more accurate than IBM Watson.

Traditional processes for understanding customer sentiment are tedious and often prevent businesses from seeing the complete picture of its customer story. Our recent Business Transformation and Analytics report found that many executives underutilise the wealth of customer data available to them—just under half of respondents (39 percent) admitted to relying too heavily on a single data point. For organisations, this means critical voice-of-the-customer insights are lost or ignored, hindering the ability to drive well-informed––and often necessary––business change.

We created the Calabrio ONE platform to allow companies to get better information faster. It’s not just about understanding what customers say, it’s also about what they mean. Now with the Sentiment Analysis solution in Calabrio Analytics, Calabrio ONE provides accurate and relevant customer engagement metrics through a newly-designed, easy-to-understand dashboard and customizable reports.

Sentiment Analysis delivers powerful results for contact centre, marketing and customer experience decision-makers in several ways:

  • Contact centre management can use it to correlate call metrics (e.g., duration, hold time, silence) with sentiment and discover trends that had gone undiscovered. They can also allow specific agents or teams with happy—and unhappy—customers and send QM evaluators down the right path.
  • Marketing personnel can use it to discover how customers view their most recent ad campaign—or to understand how customer sentiment varies by product line.
  • Customer experience folks use it to quickly and accurately identify customer satisfaction trends—and then make necessary changes in process or personnel.

With Calabrio ONE, companies have the ability to identify trends in sentiment over time, and quickly get to the heart of customer dissatisfaction. With a holistic view of the customer, decision-makers can feel confident to not only make necessary changes, but also to embrace and inspire business transformation.

To learn more about how contact centre analytics and Sentiment Analysis drive business decisions, view Calabrio’s webinar on demand: 3 Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line with Contact Centre Analytics.

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