Europe’s leading customer service outsourcer uses Calabrio ONE to schedule & empower 2,500 agents – Calabrio (UK)

Europe’s Leading Customer Service Outsourcer Uses Calabrio ONE to Schedule & Empower 2,500 Agents

375 Hours




Time saved per week through automation

Number of FTEs saved

Number of breaks scheduled by agents using self-service app every week

Number of offline activities scheduled by team managers every week

At a Glance

Company Ascensos

Industry Business Process Outsourcing

Region UK, Mainland Europe & South Africa

Products Used Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM)

About the brand

Ascensos was established in 2013 in Motherwell, Scotland to transform the customer experience by bringing a fresh and personal approach to customer care. Today, the company’s network of contact centres spans from the UK to Romania, Turkey, and South Africa, with teams working together to support UK and international consumer brands. For more information, visit

“Along with increased operational efficiencies, we have noticed dramatic improvements to employee engagement thanks to the flexibility of the Calabrio ONE solution. Recent feedback from staff reveals how having a 12-month forward view of schedules is ‘brilliant’. Using self-scheduling, agents can easily create their ideal work-life balance, booking a long weekend away or swapping shifts with a colleague in an instant. Meanwhile, automatic notifications for opportunities such as overtime give everyone a level playing field that is transparent and fair.”
Paul Pearson
Head of Resource Planning Ascensos


Ascensos is Europe’s leading customer service outsourcing partner and the only one specialising in consumer retail. The company’s client base includes high-profile brands such as KFC (UK & Ireland), Monsoon Accessorise and Wickes who expect exceptional levels of service for their customers at all times.

In just 10 years, the business has grown exponentially as have consumer expectations for multichannel service and a dramatic shift to home and hybrid-working.

Ascensos operates contact centres at 3 locations in the UK, 1 in Romania, 2 in Turkey, and 1 in South Africa. The majority of staff (65%) work from home while the remaining staff members are office-based.

Ascensos required a highly flexible and scalable solution to accommodate rapid business growth and rising customer demand. The top priority was to automate scheduling and forecasting for 2,500 agents handling on average 170,000 contacts every week. Today, the majority of contacts are voice (at 59%), followed by email (at 20%), live chat (at 10%), social media (at 10%), and WhatsApp (at 1%).


Ascensos selected Calabrio technology from contact centre specialists SVL for ease-of-use, scalability and to eliminate time-consuming manual processes. The company relies on Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM) to build fast, efficient schedules for thousands of agents while improving demand planning and forecasting across the organisation.

Agents receive a 12-month upfront view of their schedules, allowing them to book key dates such as annual leave far in advance. This makes it easier for planners to schedule staff around specific customer campaigns or busy periods of the year and manage client service levels effectively.

Agents particularly welcome Calabrio’s self-service app to move their own breaks, book time off and automatically arrange shift requests or shift swaps using their mobile devices.

Team managers in a variety of back office, administrative, digital as well as contact centre roles utilise Calabrio WFM software to schedule and update important offline activities such as meetings, 1-2-1 sessions and ‘return to work’ coaching for example, after parental leave or a career break.

Calabrio’s mobile app notifications makes it possible to alert all agents at the same time about contact centre changes or new scheduling opportunities quickly and efficiently. For example, if a planner needs to release 100 hours of overtime, they use the Calabrio solution to select the relevant agents and send them an email advising them that overtime is available. Agents reply directly via the self-service app, wherever they may be.

Ascensos takes full advantage of Calabrio’s networking events and portals including Calabrio’s User Events and the Calabrio Success Centre to enhance its implementation. As Paul says: “Nothing beats speaking to people who use the technology on a daily basis.”


Calabrio WFM has transformed resource planning efficiency at Ascensos. Whereas previously, the majority of scheduling and forecasting processes were handled manually, automation has yielded dramatic time savings of 375 hours a week, the equivalent of 13 full-time employees.

Ascensos estimates that 3 minutes have been shaved from each action carried out using Calabrio WFM. Team managers schedule 1,700 offline activities a week while agents schedule 4,700 breaks and put in 1,100 holiday requests during the same period. This equates to 22,500 minutes (375 hours) saved per week, extra time that agents can devote to improving customer service.

Calabrio WFM is massively beneficial to agents and to staff engagement. Recent feedback from drop-in sessions reveals how having a long-term forward view of schedules is ‘brilliant’.

Self-scheduling has improved the agent experience by facilitating a healthier work/life balance. If an agent wants to book a long weekend away, they can swap shifts with a colleague in an instant without having to take extra days from their holiday allowance – another bonus. Moreover, automatic notifications give everyone a level playing field that is transparent and fair.

Another major advantage is simplicity. Because the technology is so easy to learn people can become super-users and staff can be quickly promoted to join the planning team from other contact centre roles and even move from other parts of the business.

Ascensos has developed a true partnership with Calabrio through SVL that will benefit future plans. Next on the horizon is fully utilising dashboards, allowing agents to monitor their own performance against specific customer campaigns and team leaders to assign the right-skilled agents to the right customer campaigns.

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