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Broad River Retail Grows Service Levels by 20% with State-of-the-Art WFM


increase in service level

Efficient intraday adjustments

Better agent work-life balance

Increased attendance

At a Glance

Company Broad River Retail

Industry Retail

Region U.S.

Products Used Calabrio WFM

About Broad River Retail

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Broad River Retail is the largest and fastest-growing independent licensee of Ashley HomeStore. The privately held company has 18 locations across North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, and employs over 500 people at its stores, distribution centre and corporate office.

WFM maximises agent productivity without negatively impacting contact centre service levels


The agents at Broad River Retail’s contact centre field inbound phone and email inquiries covering everything from customer order status and delivery information to directions to retail stores. Agents also provide proactive, outbound customer-care activities, such as providing customers with order statuses and delivery notifications.

When contact centre leaders found their customer service operations nearing capacity, they knew they needed to maximise current productivity without adding staff or negatively impacting service levels. But their manual, time-consuming, spreadsheet-based method for scheduling and data analysis couldn’t give them the accurate measurements and performance improvements required to optimise operations.

It was time for a true WFM solution—one that could give Broad River Retail contact centre leaders a rich array of powerful features and unlimited scalability to support the company’s future growth. The solution also needed to be easy and seamless to learn then manage on a day-to-day basis.


Broad River Retail implemented Calabrio WFM to get the forecasting and scheduling capabilities it required.

Now, an extensive set of management reports and in-depth analysis provide contact centre leaders with key insights, while dashboards enable them to monitor operations in real-time. In addition, a self-service portal delivering automatic responses empowers agents to easily trade shifts and submit time-off requests on their own, letting managers focus on other important areas of business rather than spend their time processing simple requests.

“[Calabrio’s] tools are easy to use and logical to navigate. And, it doesn’t require a large team to administer! It has helped us elevate our contact centre performance to a much higher level.”

Wynn White –
Sr. Manager of Customer Experience
Broad River Retail


Now leaders confidently set official performance standards and agent incentives, then easily monitor and measure all areas of contact centre performance.

Using Calabrio WFM’s optimised scheduling, leaders increased the contact centre’s service level by 20% without increasing the number of agents. In addition, real-time monitoring of volume, staffing levels and adherence led to efficient intraday adjustments, while gamification improved employee engagement and performence.

Thanks to Calabrio WFM’s rich self-service capabilities, agents also enjoy a better work-life balance. The result? Happier and healthier agents, increased attendance, and decreased attrition.

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