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Company Superior Propane

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About Superior Propane

Canada’s largest propane supplier since 1951, Superior Propane delivers locally to residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers in more than 10,000 communities nationwide. A long history and scale such as this doesn’t happen by chance–it results from a sustained dedication to superior customer service.

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Superior Propane identifies process challenges to better retain customers and decrease AHT  


The Superior Propane contact centres responsible for processing customer calls, emails, faxes and inquiries from their web portal mySUPERIOR™ wanted to improve customer retention and reduce average handle times (AHT). And leaders knew they needed to quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of current processes in order to make improvements. That’s when Superior Propane put Calabrio into action.

First, to help improve their retention rate, they identified the key terms used by customers on a day-to-day basis–terms like “I’m switching suppliers” or “propane prices.” They then grouped the terms and identified ways they could take the customer experience from good to great. Areas identified for improvement included service barriers, scheduling, cancellations, competitive switches and discontinuity between calls.

When it came to understanding AHT, Calabrio desktop analytics revealed three areas for improvement:

  • Log templates intended to be completed through a live call were too labor intensive
  • In some cases, after-call work was completed when time would be better spent on higher priority tasks
  • Some agents were using systems or tools that impeded productivity


To improve customer retention and AHT, Superior Propane contact centre leaders implemented a multi-pronged strategy incorporating increased agent empowerment, process improvements and agent training.

Increased agent empowerment

  • Customer Care agents are now empowered to meet customer needs and deter customers from canceling their service. Agents can work with the local service team to implement a longer-term solution for a customer, which will result in fewer calls regarding the same concern

Process improvements

  • An updated interactive voice response (IVR) system enables callers wanting to cancel service make only one selection in order to be immediately transferred to Customer Care agents trained and authorised to fulfill customer requests and needs
  • Agents can proactively notify customers much earlier in the day if their delivery will be missed
  • New log templates enable agents to begin filling them out immediately upon connecting with a customer
  • Frontline agents can now continue working with callers who call multiple times, for a more streamlined experience.

Agent training

  • Using a peer-to-peer model, agents work alongside each other to share tips and insights on quickly satisfying customer needs in order to reduce AHT
  • Existing agents were coached to increase productivity, and new hires receive training as part of the onboarding process

Reducing our AHT by 30 seconds per call means we can take 150 more customer inquiries on a daily basis, with the same size team, therefore improving our customer experience.”

Alex Wozniak
Director, Customer Experience
Superior Propane


Within the first three months, Superior Propane’s frontline staff significantly improved first contact resolution. Customers are now connected directly with Customer Care agents trained and authorised to implement customer retention tactics. In addition, new hires are meeting required AHT much more quickly–within weeks as opposed to months of being on the phones, managing customer inquiries.

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