2020 Calabrio Customer Connect - Calabrio (Swedish)

2020 Calabrio Customer Connect

The live event is over, but all sessions from our C3 2020 Virtual Experience are now available on-demand! Gain more insights for your contact center, learn to embrace the evolved world of work, and see how to schedule and manage remote agents more easily. You can also learn how other Calabrio customers are getting the most out of their software, and find out about upcoming updates to Calabrio WFM, quality management, analytics and more.


Watch Calabrio Customer Connect keynote sessions for insights and updates from company leaders, get up-to-speed on trends from industry insiders and hear stories from the contact center trenches as we shine the spotlight on innovators in our industry.

Be Swift & Smart via insights

The modern contact center has the ability to act quickly on the contact center insights that matter most. Stay in this track for practical “how-to” sessions and case studies of how Calabrio customers leverage multiple “aha” moments to drive big operational change.

Embrace the Evolved World of Work

The contact center has changed forever. Explore these sessions and learn how to survive and thrive today and beyond. The track covers today’s most pressing topics: remote work and virtual contact centers, digital channels, virtual collaboration, knowledge sharing and training, and actionable intelligence (hint: it’s no longer optional).

Enable Today’s WFH + Office Workforce

Managing and empowering your workforce in 2020 has proved to be more challenging than anyone expected. Check out sessions designed to help you schedule and forecast during times of uncertainty, better understand shrinkage and learn the newest product innovations designed to help you tackle today’s WFM (and WFH!) challenges.

Experience the New Calabrio ONE…it’s here!

Join us for sessions that introduce the new innovations in Calabrio ONE, including the eagerly anticipated uniting of Calabrio ONE and Calabrio Teleopti WFM. Your new solution will transform how you schedule, forecast change and manage your agents. Attend this track for the information you need on how and when you’ll get your hands on this exciting new WEM suite!

Meet the Moment with WEM

The digital transformation is accelerating out of necessity, and a fully integrated workforce engagement and optimization suite will ensure you stay ahead of the curve. These sessions will demonstrate why the time to move to the cloud is now, and how the pieces of Calabrio ONE fit together to give you a complete toolset for the modern contact center.

More Than Ever, Engage & Evaluate Agents

With many agents working from home, monitoring and elevating agent interactions is essential. It’s time to brush up on the principles of what makes for a great quality management program, dig into best practices around evaluation forms and learn how to score more calls without adding more staff.

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