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Announcing The Winner of the C3 2020 Analytics Awards Programme!

Key customer insights—or the lack thereof—can make or break a business in today’s harrowing world. That’s why the right analytics platform, applied the right way to the right data, is so critical to contact centre leaders right now.

So for the second year in a row, we recognised at our C3 online eventand awarded with cold, hard cash!—the organisation that best used Calabrio Analytics to turn contact centre data into actionable insights and tangible results.

This year’s winner was Thomson Reuters! They’ll receive $50,000 for their contact centre. Let’s take a look at what they did to make an award-worthy case.

The Winner: Thomson Reuters

An inspiring use of Calabrio ONE Desktop Analytics has played a starring role in Thomson Reuters’ continuing effort to improve the customer experience, decrease customer frustration and increase employee engagement.

How they did it:

Contact centre leaders decided to analyse a group of 14 new agents who were participating in onboarding and product training while completely remote. Leaders first tapped Calabrio Analytics to identify which of their calls had long and or multiple holds, then used Calabrio’s Desktop Analytics to understand exactly how agents handled these calls/holds.

Revealingly, they discovered the sample group maintained an average handle time that was significantly above target.

To resolve the issue, contact centre leaders built a virtual training programme focused on troubleshooting and using the proper resources to efficiently find answers. The new programme allows the Tax & Accounting Professionals business unit of Thomson Reuters to potentially save up to 3% of its annual contact-centre operating budget.

Our runners-up, Bluegrass Cellular and Idaho Credit Union, received $25,000 each for their contact centres. Here are summaries of their inspiring stories.

Runner-Up: Bluegrass Cellular

With a sophisticated pairing of “Meaningful Apology” skills with Calabrio Speech Analytics, Bluegrass Cellular immediately shrank the number of insincere agent apologies by 40%, reduced the number of escalated calls by 45%, decreased the number of formal customer complaints by 43%, grew rep satisfaction (RSAT) scores by 26% and improved quality monitoring scores by 5%.

How they did it:

After attending an illuminating “Art of a Meaningful Apology” session at ICMI, Bluegrass Cellular contact centre leaders suspected they could improve the quality of their agents’ apologies, and benefit both agents and customers with a more genuine interaction. So, to understand the perceived strength and sincerity of agent apologies, leaders ran the “sorry” phrases used by agents through Calabrio Speech Analytics.

What they found: well-intended representatives repeatedly used “I’m sorry” as a way to pause a conversation, not as a sincere apology.

To correct the situation, leaders quickly built and delivered to the entire contact centre team a custom training plan featuring tangible examples of proper/meaningful apologies, then provided additional, individualised training sessions to agents needing extra guidance. This training programme proved so beneficial, it’s now required curriculum for all new hires.

Runner-Up: Idaho Central Credit Union

A powerful application of Calabrio ONE’s predictive analytics enabled Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) to increase its Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 19% in only 2 months in 2020, despite higher-than-average call volumes spurred by COVID-19.

How they did it:

In spite of an already-impressive NPS of 65-75%, ICCU knew it could provide even better service to its members.

After realising the weekly, Excel-based “scorecard” email agents received wasn’t motivating them in the intended way, ICCU developed a new, online dashboard that leverages Calabrio ONE’s predictive analytics to track—and make easily available to all contact centre agents and supervisors—real-time quality scores, predictive NPS and overall sentiment.

Now, easy access to real-time insights—including a visual graph that displays an agent’s current NPS detractors, passives and promoters—empowers agents to self-assess their customer interactions at any time, then autonomously adjust their quality and service accordingly.

Watch these presentations from the Calabrio Customer Connect event:

Analytics in Action: A Winning Contact Centre Analytics Story

Analytics in Action: Runner Up #1

Analytics in Action: Runner Up #2

Angela Higgins, Director of Customer & Partner Engagement, is responsible for creating meaningful experiences through which customers and partners can engage with Calabrio and its products. Angela joined Calabrio with more than 15 years’ experience in marketing, including 8 years in B2B software marketing. She holds a B.A. in public relations from University of Minnesota, and a Master’s in Business Communications from St. Thomas University.
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