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Customer Experience Strategies for the Public Sector

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimisation
and Powerful Voice of the Citizen Analytics
for Your State, Local, or Educational Contact Centre

Human connections for an informed citizenry.

Public works affect the lives of millions. Every city service, state budget and local classroom serves to inform and guide its citizens. Keeping citizens informed and active requires adjusting to ever-evolving needs. Each level of the public sector faces a unique challenge – how do they provide exceptional service for their citizens, balance productivity and cost needs and truly understand citizen expectations?

It’s all about creating a positive citizen and employee experience – starting before the first contact with state or local services.

State governments need to balance budgets and manage statewide services. Local governments need to deliver basic needs with minimal interruptions. K-12 institutions need to deliver high quality education, ensure student safety, supply materials for online-only instruction, and adjust to a widening digital divide. Higher education educations need to rely on new technology to educate a geographically distant student body.

Public sector organisations can strategically apply workforce management, quality management and citizen interaction analytics technologies to craft a better citizen contact centre experience. When new needs arise, these systems can scale to meet citizen needs and quickly handle claims as they develop—while providing flexible SLED pricing options to match fluid staffing changes.

“Aside from the ongoing technological innovations and new applications happening at Calabrio, I am most impressed by the people who make Calabrio such a unique and dynamic organisation. The professionalism, passion, and competence of Calabrio’s employees are top notch. Being a Calabrio customer really does feel like being an extended member of the team. You can tell that Calabrio makes their employees feel valued, empowered, and engaged, which shines through at the customer level as well!”

Lance Westfall
IT Systems Analyst, Bridgepoint Education

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Building a better citizen and employee experience

Efficient Staffing, Timely Responses

Improving staff response rates requires a better understanding of staff management. Excel documents and old premises-based software require far too much manual busywork—time that is better used on connecting and understanding citizen needs. Modern, cloud-based workforce management (WFM) solutions can help public sector agencies staff their contact centres to meet citizen demand.

Forecasting is another major aspect of effective staff management. With a modern WFM solution, public sector agencies can predict call volume down to the hour—allowing employers to better project the staff they need at any given time. This means reduced wait times for citizens—and a better citizen experience overall.

Employees also benefit from these features. Modern WFM solutions give greater control to employees in managing their own schedules, accounting for personal time off and anything else that life throws their way. Empowering employees through dynamic scheduling can help improve their experience, which affects how they react with citizens.

Customer Experience Strategies for the Public Sector

The City of Vancouver Drives Contact Centre Staffing Efficiency with Calabrio

“After implementing Calabrio Workforce Management, City of Vancouver saw an 8% increase in adherence levels within one year. In a call centre, we measure time in seconds. If I can get 10 more minutes per day of productivity out of someone multiplied by all our agents, then I can save money by not hiring another employee.”

Marc Dubé
Workforce Team Manager, City of Vancouver

Voice of the People

It’s vital to understand the pulse of your community and use that insight to create the appropriate outreach. Sentiment Analytics is one of the most efficient and effective methods to unlock the voice of the citizenry. Leverage Calabrio ONE’s sophisticated speech, desktop and text analytics to unlock trends and sentiment—and take appropriate action.

Empower Employees

The City of Vancouver’s biggest challenge came from its greatest attributes—providing employees with work/life balance while managing the call volume growth rate. City leaders needed a flexible solution that could handle an increased call volume, maintain a high level of service and improve employee efficiency. Calabrio WFM allowed the city to accurately schedule employees, empower them to have more of a voice in their schedule, and drastically reduce turnover.

Monitor and Measure

When the citizens in your community attempt to contact a city department, what is their experience like? Are they able to reach the right department with minimal effort, or do they get transferred numerous times? Identify pain points and bottlenecks by monitoring interaction trends—from frequent transfers between departments to snags in your current contact centre processes.

Customer Experience Strategies for the Public Sector

Higher Quality Citizen Engagements

An informed citizenry needs high quality, detailed information from its public service agencies. Each interaction between citizens and agency employees should be recorded and evaluated—yet many contact centres only review 1-2 percent of their interactions. Quality workforce management solutions, combined with analytics tools, can help ensure a positive citizen experience by allowing managers to record and evaluate all employee interactions.

With predictive analytics technology, public agencies can provide quality scores on calls that aren’t manually reviewed. They can then identify common issues mentioned on citizen calls via recurring keywords, working to resolve them first. Public agencies can only forecast what citizens need by asking them directly—and analysing those calls for commonalities.

From the big picture to the finest details, public agencies can find exactly what they need to gauge performance and drive improvement.

“As a government agency, having Calabrio ONE has helped us become a more accurate, timely and consistent entity.”

John Lockwood
Operations Manager, State of Oregon-Public Employees Retirement System

Quickly React to Current Events

Calabrio’s cloud-based contact centre solutions enable state government departments to quickly adapt to changing citizen demands due to an unforeseen crisis or event. Flexible licencing models and cloud-based resources allow state agencies to flex staffing levels as needed without complicated procurement procedures for licencing or additional hardware requirements.

Streamline Processes Across Multiple Departments Internally

Calabrio enables state government departments to quickly identify citizen friction points by monitoring interaction trends, from service issues to snags in contact centre processes. These streamlined processes improve the citizen experience, freeing up time for staff to work on other high priority projects.

Deliver omnichannel experiences

integrate data from all aspects of the omnichannel citizen experience using Calabrio ONE. The important part is analysing that data across all channels to develop a complete view of the citizen—and make data-driven decision with the findings. State governments can be more efficient, responsive and accountable to citizens.

Prioritise Simplicity and Speed for Virtual Needs

Public agencies face significant challenges right now. State, local and educational organisations must balance a widening digital divide for technological services. Speed to benefit is vital for short and long-term success in an evolving public service model— one that increasingly relies on remote-based workforces.

The ability to improve agent satisfaction is particularly important for today’s increasingly virtual workforce. As more employees begin to (and continue to) work from home, workforce management tools can provide a more successful and satisfying work-from-home experience. These technologies measure agent adherence, making sure call centre employees are working and taking breaks at the appropriate times.

State and local government agencies are seeing major benefits by allowing staff to work from home. By creating a satisfied virtual workforce that meets its targets just as well as (if not better than) an in-person workforce, agencies can continue to reap the benefits of remote work in the long term.

“Our Call Centres were severely lacking Quality Assurance, but with the implementation of Calabrio ONE we can ensure the support being provided is consistent and meets expectations. Calabrio has also enabled us to schedule agents, track their statuses, and trend our call centre needs.”

Manager, Educational Institution

Free up agents, streamline processes and improve CX

Using Calabrio Analytics and categorization, school districts can create a knowledge base/FAQ/Automated IVR response for consistent messaging with students, parents and caregivers. This frees up staff from responding to common and repeat questions and makes it easier for parents and students to get answers to unique questions.

Quickly identify and act on important issues

With Calabrio ONE, educational facilities can quickly identify and act on important issues such as wide-spread illnesses, complaints on policy changes, feedback on school closings and more. Leveraging Analytics, QM and suite-wide custom business intelligence, districts can understand both parent and student views to make better decisions.

Combine and analyse data to increase enrollment

Leverage Calabrio QM, Analytics and Advanced Reporting to combine student information from disparate systems and identify enrollment opportunities. Capture and analyse the voice of the student to understand institutional sentiment, identify any enrollment issues or address failed enrollments. Easy to use business intelligence tools help to identify trends and provide insight to quickly act.

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A fully integrated agent & customer engagement suite.

Calabrio ONE

Calabrio ONE customer experience strategies
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Call Recording

 Amazingly clean and simple. Capture and retrieve calls quickly and accurately. Never miss a call.

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Quality Management

Access and evaluate 100% of your customer interactions. Gain powerful performance insights.

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Workforce Management

More than optimised staffing levels, modern tools improve predictability and performance.

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Calabrio Analytics

Integrate multichannel customer input to gain unprecedented visibility and control.

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Data Management

Visualise call centre metrics. Cross-reference data enterprise-wide. Deliver impactful insights.

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Watch Calabrio’s Andrew Molacek discuss with NASTD about how investing in workforce management and engagement solutions create better citizen experiences.


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