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Calabrio ONE gives you a complete toolset to unlock the tremendous value buried within your customer interaction data and transform your entire business. One seamless solution, powered by the cloud, that combines a fully integrated workforce engagement suite with robust voice-of-the-customer analytics and business intelligence tools.

Capture every customer interaction across all channels. Extract predictive and prescriptive insights. Elevate customer experiences, improve employee engagement, and increase operational efficiency. Then, extend customer-centric strategies across the business to accelerate sales, drive innovation and move your business forward.


The advantages of cloud contact center technology are certain. It allows you to operate with virtually limitless resources, including fast and effective scalability. It also provides built-in redundant, accessible and secure service that your IT department no longer must maintain.

Access to the latest and greatest software, at no additional cost, gives cloud adopters a competitive advantage without having to allocate additional budget.

Calabrio ONE is the clear first choice for cloud. We have led and continue to lead workforce engagement management in the cloud to give modern contact centers the agility and freedom to meet the moment:

  • Scale your business as large or small as you need
  • Leverage cloud-based AI and ML applications to unlock data-driven insights, predict trends and drive proactive changes
  • Reinvent digital infrastructure and capabilities instantly, without a massive capital investment
  • Get peace of mind with built-in security, business continuity and compliance leveraging state-of-the-art practices

Personalized deployments. Calabrio ONE is a solution available in the public cloud and our customers enjoy the advantages of this deployment model. Click here to explore the personalized deployment models that our solution also supports.

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Enhance employee engagement -
Turn your people into ambassadors

Engaged employees are key to a prime customer experience, Calabrio ONE is designed to enable and empower employees throughout the entire customer journey.
The solution is built to propel you beyond the scope of workforce optimization (WFO) and realize the value of workforce engagement management (WEM) in the cloud. This is done in an easy, personalized and smart way.

Give employees more freedom. Let them work from anywhere, allow them to choose what times suit them best, and add the flexibility to let them change their mind. All within the frame of a good service level, with coverage data always up to date allowing you to monitor deviations in real time and better handle the unexpected.

Motivate employees to improve. Quality management lets you manage playback, evaluation and agent feedback from a single simple platform. Use pre-built evaluation workflows or create highly customized scorecards tailored to business goals. Save time with automated reporting and monitoring, and let analytics guide your training and improvement efforts.

Deliver the feedback agents need. Monitor calls live. See interaction evaluations and conduct on-demand analysis. Give agents timely feedback through rich dashboards and allow them to share best practices with the click of a button.

Inspire positive competition. Create benchmarks, goals and agent competitions. Display leaderboards to encourage healthy competition. Provide incentives and awards to help all agents—even top performers—improve consistently.


Capture every interaction. Hear every voice. Seamlessly combine and synchronize your customer interaction data. Capture every interaction, every time across channels including voice, chat, e-mail, social media, video, etc. Easily create a central command center for your contact center.

Eliminate data silos. See the holistic customer journey. Create a unified and complete picture of every customer and every interaction. Utilize pre-built tools or create your own highly customized reports, dashboards, and scorecards with Calabrio’s contact center-focused business intelligence tools.

Align the contact center with key business objectives. Integrate data streams from across the business—CRM, HRMS, multiple ACDs and more. Create a central source of critical business information. Enable a customer-centric approach to goals and challenges across the business—from branding and marketing, to sales, to service delivery.

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Work smarter. Focus your attention on what matters most. Use AI and ML-fueled analytics and business intelligence tools to deliver predictive and prescriptive insights. Meet the increased demands of today’s modern contact center. Anticipate customer pain points. Forecast technology barriers. Identify your best opportunities for improvement. Spend your time—and money—in smarter ways.

See business opportunities emerge. Use the power of a cloud-based, analytics-fueled workforce engagement management suite to unlock transformational business insights. Let the voice of the customer drive business strategies. Jump on your competitive advantages. Hone your marketing efforts. Capture every cross-sell and upsell opportunity.

Fuel innovation. Drive revenue. Let today’s customer voices tell you what tomorrow’s customer wants. Deliver on unmet needs. Build perfectly targeted and highly differentiated offerings. Anticipate customer desires and demands. Deliver intuitive, personalized experiences that delight, deepen loyalty and drive growth.

The Powerful Capabilities of Calabrio ONE

Call Recording

Record every call, every time, and transform customer interactions into a secure trove of highly usable data. Capture 100% of interactions and simplify compliance. Robust metadata lets you quickly search hundreds of hours of calls to prove adherence, settle disputes and mitigate risk. Connect the voice of your customer with key goals across the business.

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Quality Management

Every interaction is an opportunity. Strengthen relationships, deepen loyalty and drive measurable impact across the business. Automate recording, evaluation and reporting—so you can spend more time coaching and leading. Create timely feedback loops to engage and motivate agents. Use intelligent analytics to focus your attention where it matters most. Let the voice of the customer lead the way to consistent, outstanding customer experiences. Tune out the noise and hone in on the insights you need to meet your contact center goals and drive business value.

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Workforce Management

The new Calabrio WFM for a New Era. Calabrio WFM enables your organization, through its core functionality, to plan and manage your operations through advanced forecasting, dynamic scheduling and intelligent automation, while also providing the tools and technology to empower, educate and lead today’s workforce.

Calabrio ONE's workforce management system

Calabrio Analytics

Calabrio is the only WFO vendor that combines speech, desktop and text analytics in one robust solution. Unlock the goldmine of intelligence buried in your contact center and transform every customer interaction into usable data and distill that data into key trends. Extract insights to drive profitable change in the contact center and across your business. It’s time to harness the true voice of your customer.

Snapshot of Calabrio ONE's analytics

Data Management

Intuitive, cross-platform reporting tools help you tune out the noise and hone in on the insights you need to meet your contact center goals and drive business value. Take contact center business intelligence to the next level with pre-built integrations that blend data in any format, from any source both from inside and outside of the contact center—and deliver value across your business in real time.

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