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Customer Experience Strategies for Telecom Businesses

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimisation
and Powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics
for Your Telecom Contact Centre

Customer Experience Strategies for Telecom Businesses

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimisation
and Powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics
for Your Telecom Contact Centre

Telecom Transformation Exposes Customer Satisfaction Crisis

The telecom sector is in the midst of massive change. Revenue from traditional service lines continues to decrease, while over-the-top (OTT) players like Amazon and Netflix earn the lion’s share of digital revenues. In fact, OTT players have reduced telecom revenues from messaging, fixed and mobile voice by 36%.

At the heart of this disruption lies a customer satisfaction crisis. Even as consumers become increasingly dependent on digital technology to consume digital media and content, the telecom medium itself gets little credit – and all the blame. The telecom industry is ranked 10th out of 11th by the American Customer Satisfaction Index for customer satisfaction. And customer churn costs large telecom companies $65 million every month.

To get ahead of customer wants and needs, telecom companies are turning to voice of the customer intelligence to provide a better customer experience.

There is no better place to hear the voice of the customer than the contact centre. However, analysing contact centre interactions can be challenging, with the average organisation only examining 2% of contact centre interactions.

This is where Calabrio can help. Analytics solutions from Calabrio allow telecom companies to examine 100% of contact centre interactions. Our intuitive, easy-to-use technology helps you instantly identify dissatisfied customers. And our reporting function lets you turn this raw data into informative reports so you can measure critical contact centre KPIs such as Net Promoter Scores and sentiment analytics.

Scroll down to see how Calabrio has helped telecom companies including Consumer Cellular and Virteva to increase customer satisfaction rates up to 25%. And be sure to read our ebook to learn 8 strategies telecom companies can use to improve the customer experience.

Customer churn costs large telecom companies $65 million dollars every month

4 in 5 businesses say they can’t locate customer complaint “hot spots” in real time

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 300-1,400% higher than selling to a prospective customer

A fully integrated agent & customer engagement suite.

Calabrio ONE

Calabrio ONE customer experience strategies

What can we help you with?

call recording customer experience strategies

Call Recording

 Amazingly clean and simple. Capture and retrieve calls quickly and accurately. Never miss a call.

quality management- customer experience strategies

Quality Management

Access and evaluate 100% of your customer interactions. Gain powerful performance insights.

workforce management- customer experience strategies

Workforce Management

More than optimised staffing levels, modern tools improve predictability and performance.

analytics- customer experience strategies

Calabrio Analytics

Integrate multichannel customer input to gain unprecedented visibility and control.

advanced reporting- customer experience strategies

Data Management

Visualise call centre metrics. Cross-reference data enterprise-wide. Deliver impactful insights.

Telecom: 8 Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience

The telecom industry is in the midst of massive, disruptive change. As revenue from traditional service lines decrease, and costs continue to increase, telecom companies face a challenging market. Download our ebook to learn more.

Virteva Experiences an ROI in 6 Months or Shorter with Calabrio

Learn how Virteva increased their customer satisfaction rates by 15-25% after deploying Calabrio software.

Telecom: How to drive a competitive advantage through the contact centre.

A market in the midst of dramatic change, contact centre leaders in the telecom industry must work hard to drive a competitive advantage. We invite you to explore our infographic as we identify major changes in this market – and share what forward thinking telecom companies are doing to gain a competitive edge through the contact centre.

Telecom Case Studies for Calabrio ONE

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