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How to Get Started with Advanced Analytics for QM and Compliance

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“I need to know how many calls were fielded from East Coast customers during the past six months who were having problems with their check cards. Oh, and I want to know which of those calls were from customers in our loyalty programme, and how many were men between 35 and 44, and which wear blue jeans on Tuesdays.”

Makes you tense up a bit, doesn’t it? But don’t go calling a data scientist just yet.

There’s no doubt advanced analytics can help your organisation dig deep and get after the complex problems spanning the enterprise. But we talk to call centre executives every day who say just getting started is too much for the brain to handle; there’s so much to think about that it is daunting to even begin. It’s ironic actually. That “analytics” themselves seem so convoluted – much like the ridiculous scenario above – yet they actually provide clarity and insight to complex issues.

Let’s start small and have a different conversation then: simple, easy and smart analytics for big results. All without the complication and fuss.

We’re all about accelerating performance in the contact centre, and integrating analytics can produce actionable insight into agent performance and customer service. But if you still haven’t made the jump, think practically and see past the barriers.

Here are some examples of how to get there:

  • Find ways to identify early wins by using analytics for QM and compliance, and attribute ROI to these efforts. In other words, liberate the data you already have before trying to boil the ocean.
  • Truly analyse 100 percent of your calls and save resources by directing compliance managers to only the conversations they need to review.
  • Look at the KPIs you need to meet: first call resolution, customer satisfaction or sales effectiveness. Then use analytics to improve agent training. The great thing is you can get to this information right away from the calls you’re already recording.

Once you’ve seen the early benefits and made the case for analytics for these core functions, it will be easier to elevate your efforts and realise the benefits across the entire company.

Small steps can yield big results. So start by liberating your mind from the notion that analytics are complex. Then start working to free up the data you already have, and take action off that insight.

In short order, you can feel empowered to tackle the deeper issues and know answers to the bigger questions. Even if it’s 142 from the East Coast, that they represent 23 percent of your highest-grossing customers in that region and need to be incentivized.

Tom Goodmanson, President and CEO of Calabrio, has more than 20 years of experience leading fast growing dynamic software and technology companies. Since assuming the CEO position in 2009, Tom is credited with reinventing the company and its culture around a strategy to expand value and reach through new, innovative products, and remarkable customer experiences. Addressing the market need for simpler solutions to complex customer interaction challenges, Tom’s vision to redefine the standard for software ease-of-use has been instrumental in making Calabrio one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

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