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Getting your contact centre ready for summer

As summer approaches, it’s important to ensure that your contact centre is fully prepared to handle the increased demand while also providing your agents with the opportunity to enjoy their well-deserved vacation time. Failure to plan ahead and properly allocate holiday allotments can result in chaos for your contact centre.

At Calabrio, we understand the importance of proactive planning and strategic resource allocation. Here’s how you can ensure your contact centre is ready to handle the summer rush.

Planning ahead

Proactive planning is the cornerstone of a well-prepared contact centre. Early arrangements for holiday entitlements allow agents to schedule breaks during the summer while ensuring operational continuity. Avoid carrying over entitlements to the following year, if possible, to maintain efficiency.

Forecasting demand

Forecasting demand requires not only analysing historical data but also incorporating market trends, upcoming promotions, and seasonal variations. By harnessing advanced analytics and predictive modelling techniques, you can anticipate fluctuations in demand with greater accuracy.

An effective forecasting process will empower you to proactively adjust inventory levels, production schedules, and staffing resources to efficiently meet customer needs. Additionally, implementing real-time monitoring systems enables agile responses to unexpected changes, further enhancing operational flexibility and customer satisfaction. You can then utilize this information to adjust staffing levels accordingly, ensuring optimal customer service even during the busiest periods.

Flexible scheduling

Flexible scheduling is a win-win strategy that benefits both employers and employees. By allowing agents to choose their shifts based on their availability and preferences, your contact centre can maintain a motivated and engaged workforce.

This approach centring self-scheduling can foster a positive work environment and reduces absenteeism, leading to smoother operations and improved customer service. Not forgetting, flexible scheduling demonstrates a commitment to work-life balance, which can enhance the employer brand and attract top talent.

Embracing technology such as Calabrio WFM can streamline the process, making it easier for both managers and employees to coordinate schedules effectively.

Foster collaborative shift management

Empower agents to autonomously arrange shift changes or time off directly with each other. This cooperative approach decreases administrative workload, elevates employee happiness, and enables rapid adaptation to changing demands.

Utilising Calabrio’s workforce management solution, requests can be seamlessly submitted instantly. Agents can access their colleagues’ schedules, streamlining shift swaps and lunch coordination – enhancing agent morale. The privacy feature ensures confidentiality when agents decide to communicate their out-of-office status for personal reasons.

Maximize resource efficiency

Use resource optimisation tools to analyse historical data and real-time metrics, identifying trends and patterns in customer demand. This allows you to allocate resources efficiently, ensuring the right number of agents with the necessary skills are available during peak periods.

Automatic holiday approval

Simplify the process of requesting time off during busy periods with the use of automatic holiday approval. By instantly approving requests that meet certain criteria, this feature guarantees impartiality and transparency while simultaneously allowing managerial staff to allocate their resources towards more strategic endeavours.

Since implementing automatic holiday approval in May of 2023, Haier Smart Home has received over 1300 holiday requests, with approximately half of those being approved automatically. Paul, a representative from the company, expressed his enthusiasm for the system, stating that by 2024, all requests will be approved through the system, resulting in more time being available for other tasks.

In addition to the automatic holiday approval feature, the Calabrio app has also been well-received by Haier Smart Home employees. With the app, individuals can make holiday requests on the go, making it more convenient for staff members to take time off. For more information, check out our recent interview with Haier Smart Home.

Unlocking the power of remote working

Embracing remote working opens up a world of possibilities for both employers and employees. By allowing staff to work from anywhere, you can tap into a global talent pool, accessing specialised skills and diverse perspectives.

Remote working also offers employees greater flexibility in managing their work-life balance, which can boost morale and productivity. It can reduce overhead costs associated with office space and amenities, leading to significant savings for the organisation.

Additionally, remote working arrangements enhance scalability, enabling businesses to quickly adjust their workforce size based on fluctuating demand without the constraints of physical office space. However, when managing a remote workforce, it’s also essential to establish clear communication channels, provide necessary support, and implement robust cybersecurity measures to ensure remote working remains productive and secure.

At Calabrio, we provide innovative solutions to help you prepare your contact centre for the summer staffing challenges. Our suite of workforce management and optimisation tools empowers you to streamline operations, enhance employee engagement, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Learn more about how we can help you optimise your contact centre for the summer season.

Calabrio is a trusted ally to leading brands. The digital foundation of a customer-centric contact centre, the Calabrio ONE workforce performance suite helps enrich and understand human interactions, empowering your contact centre as a brand guardian. We maximise agent performance, exceed customer expectations, and boost workforce efficiency using connected data, AI-fueled analytics, automated workforce management, and personalised coaching. Only Calabrio ONE unites workforce optimisation (WFO), agent engagement, and business intelligence solutions into a true-cloud, fully integrated suite that adapts to your business. For customers and partners.

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