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Calabrio Teleopti Workforce Management Features


Forecasting and Planning

Enable strategic staffing and long-range planning.


Schedule Management

Streamline daily scheduling workflows.


Flexible Optimization Tools

Agility to respond to evolving staffing needs.

Employee Mobility, Self-Service

Get everyone involved, anywhere.

Forecast and Plan

Gain full control of core tools and automation to ensure schedule flexibility while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.


Accurate forecasting

Create accurate forecasts for all channel and media types with the use of historical data and precise algorithms. Take seasonality into account and add your knowledge of future campaigns to forecasting periods over a year in advance down to minute-level with a powerful and dynamic workflow.


Multi-skill planning and optimization

Reap the benefits of Teleopti’s unique, customizable scheduling and optimization algorithms to dynamically allocate resources in the most optimal manner. Automate planning processes in complex, multi-skilled environments to build plans where schedule flexibility and operational goals are streamlined.


Outsourcing collaboration

Close the gap between expected demand and staffing by collaborating with business process outsourcers to secure service level targets and lower internal operational costs. Export staffing expectations and requirements to CSV files for quick communication and syncing; outsourced staffing numbers can be imported back into the schedule to get a full overview of internal and external resources.


Long-term budgeting

Budget for staffing requirements by adding the effects of attrition, shrinkage, recruitment and more to determine the long-term forecasted need as well as utilizing it for vacation planning.


Staff administration

Manage and update employee-related data in a secure manner, work efficiently on a day-to-day basis with onboarding of agents and set access levels for all users.

Employment work rules

Define rules and conditions to create rule-based schemes or restrictions to comply with federal laws or trade union agreements.


Enable Frontline employees to independently move their lunches and breaks for the day itself or coming 7 days. Schedules are updated instantly once moves are made. Parameters set by management and automated staffing monitoring mean zero managerial intervention is required and there is no impact on customer service levels. Unleash the potential of your employees with Self-Scheduling. Remove stress & manual rigidity.

Analyze and Improve

Monitor, react, adjust and adapt to increase proactiveness in your busines


Report analysis

Make informed decisions based on reliable, data-driven information with our full suite of standard reports. The reports cover areas within operational analysis, forecasting and planning performance in terms of accuracy, service level targets, abandon rates and speed of answer. Dive into the details of schedule fairness, audit trails and number of FTEs per interval for selected activities. Gain insights on absenteeism, overtime, preference and request statistics.

Business intelligence

Customize your own reports and create personalized dashboards by using an easy drag-and-drop interface. Clear visualizations of multi-leveled performance data helps you gain valuable insights and understand your data. Establish the root cause of successes or negative trends to take intelligent action.

Intraday management

Gain an overview of the current situation with the most recent information, enabling you to spot behaviors and trends by viewing incoming contact volumes and compare forecasted values to actuals to learn how to prevent and solve situations that may require reforecasting or intraday optimization. Understand the impact of the current staffing situation on your performance metrics in clear graphs and detailed spreadsheets. Go from being reactive to proactive.

Real-time follow-up

Secure employee schedule adherence by using Teleopti’s real-time feed to compare scheduled activities to actual states down to a very detailed level of granularity. Set up unique alarms which will alert you instantly and you can act faster on schedule deviations.

Empower and Work Together

Nurture employee ownership for a streamlined collaboration between different stakeholders


Schedule Adaptability

Build strong and powerful teams by delegating responsibilities throughout the organization to meet the increase in schedule agility when going from strategic planning to operational planning. Implement schedule changes quickly while responding to frontline needs, such as handling absence requests, adding team meetings or one-to-ones. Ad-hoc changes within the day can also be made such as moving lunch breaks, adding new activities or adjusting shift lengths with an intuitive drag and drop tool.


MyTime employee self-service portal

Align your employees to your goals and create transparency by involving them in the planning process. Agents can enter their availabilities and preferences which are combined with the company’s rule-based schemes and service level targets. Agents can view their own and other teams’ schedules and check their performance reports. With MyTime mobile app, everything is accessible from anywhere, anytime in a fast, modern and intuitive interface.

Shift trading

Foster a thriving company culture and increase employee ownership with automated schedule-change processes. Agents can trade shifts with their colleagues based on customized rules established by the planning team. Trade requests are sent between employees for approval or denial and schedules are updated in real time with instant notifications to involved parties. Automating this process reduces planning and management teams’ administration time.


Increase motivation and engage your employees in a fun, game-like competition to drive performance and productivity. Reward your employees when they have performed well against important KPIs with bronze, silver or gold badges. Set up customized targets for adherence, AHT, CSAT or any external measure via a simple data import and follow up on ranks and received badges in the Gamification Leaderboard.


Absence handling

Automate processes for vacation requests and other ad-hoc absences. The likelihood of absence approval is clear with color indicators next to the schedule, these are based on budgeted allowance or service level targets vs the current staffing situation. Frontline get instant feedback of request approval, denial or placement on a waitlist. Plan ahead and keep track of remaining annual leave in an easy way.

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Overtime management

Stay in control and get help when you really need it as agents can input when they may be available to work overtime as well as request to work overtime, for instance if an unexpected increase in traffic volume occurs, or during flu season. Color-coded schedule side bars are visible in the MyTime self-service portal to guide employees as to when overtime is needed the most based on their individual skill profiles.

Interact and Notify

Communicate quickly about schedule changes and ensure that everyone is up to speed


Instant alerts

Ensure that frontline employees can easily follow their schedule with a bar displayed at the top of their screens which instantly notifies if a schedule change occurs. Keep them informed of future schedules and up to speed with significant schedule changes with MyTime mobile app push notifications.


Text notifications

Schedule changes can be automatically sent as text messages or emails, making communication efficient whether employees are at work or at home with Teleopti’s wide range of communication channels.

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Calendar sync

Schedules can be synced with the employee’s personal calendar (such as iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook etc.) or shared with family and friends to enable efficient organizing of events.

Chatbot concierge

Empower employees and the organization with WFM chatbot that monitors intraday staffing levels alongside employees’ unique skill sets and then notifies staff of time-off schedule options via chat messaging in the MyTime portal/app. Requests are automatically handled in the chat conversation if accepted.

Train and Develop

Transform knowledge into competence with flexible training planning and skill development

Automated training planning

Manage trainings, whether it is e-learning, one-to-one coaching or class room training, in a flexible manner without compromising service level targets. Save time and decrease administrative burden significantly by easily managing dates and times, location, training content, delivery details and trainers for both individuals and groups to drive employee performance.

Competence management

Elevate operational efficiency by accurately identifying which skills and what knowledge have greatest impact on your business and employee performance. Identify knowledge gaps and generate targeted individual development plans to achieve consistent level of knowledge within the organization.

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