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Contact Centre Talent in These Changing Times, Part 2 – Agents & Supervisors Transform into Specialists & Coaches

This guest post is authored by Steven Kaish, SVP, Product Marketing & Technical Partners at Glia. ‘A change will do you good,’ sang Sheryl Crow in the 90s. Since then, we’ve experienced entire paradigm shifts in technologies, which in turn have fueled a complete and ongoing transformation of the contact centre. Nostalgia aside, the changes […]

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Eliminating Data Disparity: Q&A with UJET COO Vasili Triant

Originally deployed primarily by larger or more sophisticated contact centres, analytics quickly emerged as a “must-have” application for modern customer service teams. Yet confusion still surrounds the optimal functionalities these analytics must have. Look at the term “real-time feed.” You’ve probably heard contact centre system vendors touting their ability to provide real-time feeds of data. […]

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Sayonara, auf wiedersehen, goodbye to 2020. What’s in store for 2021?

The COVID-19 health crisis has reshaped the business landscape and the world of work. In contact centres, more employees than ever before now work remotely while customer expectations have risen to their highest levels since Internet connectivity and the smartphone revolution first transformed everything. It’s been a difficult year and yet the challenges have made […]

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Guest Blog: Contact Centre Talent in These Changing Times, Part 1 – Setting the Stage

This guest post is authored by Steven Kaish, SVP, Product Marketing & Technical Partners at Glia. The legendary Bob Dylan released his classic hit The Times They Are A-Changin’ back in 1964. More than half a century  later, his lyrics couldn’t be more relevant. In fact, the pace of change is only accelerating affecting nearly […]

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The New Era of Workforce Engagement Management Has Arrived: Announcing the New Calabrio ONE

We have all seen our fair share of challenges this year. Everyone is adapting to a new normal, and that means contact centres must deal with increased demands for flexibility and agility. From the C-Suite, to the workforce management specialist, to the contact centre director — each member of the service team needs support to […]

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Calabrio honored as a Fast 50 Company — What does it mean for us, and you?

Any growth as a business in 2020 is a feat of its own, but rapid revenue growth is cause for celebration in a time when “right” can change at any moment. From a customer perspective, flexibility is essential, but businesses also need a collective understanding among employees and leaders of what tools are needed to […]

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Contact Tracing Best Practises: Getting the Most Value from Your Data

Doug Mancinelli, Strategic Consultant at Calabrio, walks through the COVID-related dashboards and terms within the Analytics suite. Watch the full webinar here. With more governments and public sector organisations tracking the spread of COVID-19, the need for accurate contact tracing is essential. The core of analytics is trying to understand all the interactions that agents […]

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Announcing The Winner of the C3 2020 Analytics Awards Programme!

Key customer insights—or the lack thereof—can make or break a business in today’s harrowing world. That’s why the right analytics platform, applied the right way to the right data, is so critical to contact centre leaders right now. So for the second year in a row, we recognised at our C3 online event—and awarded with [...]
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