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Top of the Class: Our Calabrio Student Loan Repayment Programme

As a contact centre technology provider where Voice of the Employee (VoE) importance is ever increasing, employee engagement and satisfaction are core focuses for Calabrio’s product strategy and development efforts. This focus on the employee, however, permeates everything we at Calabrio do. That’s why we strive to continually seek out and put in place innovative […]

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The Customer Experience Breaking Point: Are You at Risk of Losing the Human Touch?

It’s no secret that the customer experience (CX) is a priority for most companies. In fact, 72 percent of businesses say that improving customer experience is at the top of the list. To make the right CX improvements however, business leaders must successfully identify customer pain points and implement the proper mix of technology and customer […]

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BI in the Contact Centre Heats Up: Calabrio Expands Centre for Excellence for Customer and Employee Engagement

According to Forrester, successful voice-of-the-customer programmes should support a cycle of four activities: listen to customer feedback, interpret the resulting data, react to improve the experience, and monitor results. In today's era of big data, having access to data and effectively utilising it to drive strategic business initiatives and deliver an exceptional customer experience represent [...]
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The Top 7 Questions About GDPR from Calabrio Contact Centre Customers

  As we help our customers prepare for the fast-approaching General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline, several common questions keep popping up.  You may wonder about some of the same things—here’s what they are. 1. Can my company transfer customer contact data outside of the European Union (EU)? For example, if we capture data […]

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Are You a Voice of the Customer (VoC) Superhero?

As a contact centre leader, your customers love working with you. Your agents love working for you. Your peers love working alongside you. Under your guidance, your team consistently achieves top performance scores and high customer satisfaction ratings. You seem able to accomplish whichever task is put in front of you, and you relish new […]

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Omni-Agents – Fact or Fiction

As the great multi-skilling debate continues, Tommy Palomäki of Calabrio outlines the challenges and offers three tips for scheduling multi-skilled agents. Omnichannel has been a buzzword for a few years now as modern consumers demand a consistent, satisfying and effortless experience, every time, whatever the device or communications channel.  On the one hand, this has [...]
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What It Means to be an “Intelligent” Contact Centre

Google the term “intelligent contact centre,” and you’ll see it’s been used for years, but its definition constantly evolves and usually is widely disputed. To muddy the waters even further, contact centre vendors each have their own spin on the term, typically aligning it with whichever capabilities their own platform offers. But what does this […]

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The Wow Factor – does it really matter?

In today’s super-connected world, products are easy to find so how do you stand out from the crowd?  Three rules to help your contact centre deliver a “wow factor” from Cecilia Tengborn at Calabrio. The Internet and e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon make it easy for consumers to find what they want, at the [...]
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