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What It Means to be an “Intelligent” Contact Centre

Google the term “intelligent contact centre,” and you’ll see it’s been used for years, but its definition constantly evolves and usually is widely disputed. To muddy the waters even further, contact centre vendors each have their own spin on the term, typically aligning it with whichever capabilities their own platform offers. But what does this […]

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The Wow Factor – does it really matter?

In today’s super-connected world, products are easy to find so how do you stand out from the crowd?  Three rules to help your contact centre deliver a “wow factor” from Cecilia Tengborn at Calabrio. The Internet and e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon make it easy for consumers to find what they want, at the [...]
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How to Score a Contact Centre Intelligence Hat Trick

Calabrio headquarters are based in Minnesota and its Centre of Excellence for Analytics based in Vancouver Canada. You can’t live in either place and NOT know hockey playoffs are happening right now. It’s practically sacred. So it seemed appropriate when developing this week’s live webinar to weave in some sort of hockey theme. It also […]

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Contact Centre Leaders: 16 Telling Questions that Reveal How Well You Really Know Your Customers

Did you know today, April 19, 2018, is this quarter’s “Get to Know Your Customer Day?” I didn’t, but now that I do, it gives me a great reason to quiz you on how well you know your customers. As you well know, contact centre data captured during your agents’ interactions with customers can give […]

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Top Workload Stressors for Call Centre Agents

In a late 2017 study by Meditation at Work, the top three sources of overall workplace stress were identified as:1 Workload — 36 percent People issues — 31 percent Work-life balance — 20 percent Not surprisingly, these findings—particularly the identification of  “workload” as the top workplace stressor—correlate with what we at Calabrio discovered with our […]

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Introducing Gen Z – “Millennials on Steroids”

Understanding the Snapchat, Smartphone generation is essential for building highly effective contact centre teams according to Daniel Mayer at Calabrio The worldwide director of J Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group, Lucie Greene, famously referred to Gen Z or Gen Zers as “millennials on steroids” . Born in the late 1990s to the 2010s, this Snapchat, Smartphone [...]
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Don’t be Fooled by Contact Centre Data—Use Advanced Reporting and Analytics Instead

With the emergence of multi-channel communication in today’s contact centres comes an inherent challenge: accessing and understanding all the data created by those various channels. Having a plan on what to do with the data and with whom to share the information is just as important as access to the data. After all, how else will […]

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What the GDPR Means for Your Contact Centre

It is important to realise that if your organisation operates outside of the European Union (EU) and you have just one EU contact within your contact centre database, you need to understand and comply with the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your time to prepare is running out—the new regulation goes into effect on […]

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