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From the latest best practises and innovative strategies to emerging trends impacting the contact centre world, these are resources to keep your business moving forward.

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April 17, 2019

CCW Market Study: Contact Centre Success In The Automation Age

Learn how automation and contact centre operations are co-evolving. Download the 2019 CCW Market Study on Contact Centre Success In The Automation Age sponsored by Calabrio.

January 1, 2018

Why Do WFM Projects Fail?

Download our Whitepaper and learn four recommendations that may help you stay on track when implementing WFM technology in your contact centre.

What is WFM – A Guide to Workforce Management

What is WFM? How does it work? Who does it impact? Get the full guide to Workforce Management.

Are You Listening? The Truth About What Customers Want in a Digital World

Learn how modern day technology affects the modern day consumer. Is your brand listening?


The Contact Centre Guide to Gaining Business Influence

Download the tip sheet to learn 7 tips on how to tell a captivating story with voice of the customer (VoC) data.

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The Future of Contact Centre Analytics

Analytics technology is evolving rapidly. Learn what’s in store for big data and stay ahead of the curve in your contact centre.

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The Value of Time – Creating efficient, flexible experiences for customers and agents

Download this Whitepaper and learn to create efficient, flexible experiences for your customers and agents.

Webinar: The Top 10 Use Cases for Contact Centre Analytics

Watch this webinar on demand and learn 10 practical business use cases for having analytics in your contact centre.

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Lifestyle Scheduling – Finding the Healthy Balance

Well-functioning, productive contact centres have an even balance between workforce levels and workload requirements. Download the Whitepaper to learn more.

Building a Business Case for Advanced Reporting

Struggling with outdated, underpowered and overly-complicated reporting and analytics? Learn how to make the case for advanced reporting in your contact centre.

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Tips and Techniques for Accurate, Effective Forecasting

Predicting the future is no easy task. A properly forecasted and staffed contact centre saves the customers time and benefits your bottom line. Download the guide to learn more.

The Customer Data Often Overlooked by the C-suite

Learn from over 1,000 C-Suite executives in the U.S. and U.K., about the factors that compel change in their organisation and the data sources they rely on to inform their decisions.

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CCW Special Report: Customer Sentiment

Are your repeat customers truly loyal? Download the special CCW report and learn how customer sentiment can uncover the answers to the questions you’re asking about customer experience.


C-suite executives rank customer experience as a key priority of global business. Learn where 800 executives say their organisation falls short.

ARCHIVED – How to Apply VOC Best Practises to Voice-of-the-Employee Initiatives

Need a better way to identify when the risk of turnover increases in your contact center? Read this new Gartner Report to learn how organisations are using voice-of-the-customer tactics to increase workforce engagement.


Top 10 Analytics Use Cases

Considering implementing an analytics solution in your contact centre? Discover 10 practical, real-world use cases.

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Optimising the Agent Journey to Perfect the Customer Journey

As new interaction channels become the norm, understand how talent fits the equation. Read the Whitepaper from McGee-Smith Analytics to learn more.

2018 CCW Market Study: The Future of the Contact Centre in 2019

Learn how digital technologies will change the contact centre environment in 2019

January 1, 2017

2018 CCW Market Study: The Customer Experience

Learn how the modern customer is truly feeling about modern customer service strategies.

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