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Reflections on managing Average Handling Time (AHT).

Hussein Kamel, Senior WFM Consultant at Teleopti, looks at the best ways to work with Average Handling Time. Shorter contact durations cannot be demanded from agents, but instead the AHT must be properly examined, processes adjusted and agents assisted. When creating forecasts, you are predicting volumes based on historical patterns, seasonality, special events, etc. However, [...]
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Considering a Cloud Contact Centre? 4 Points to Start the Discussion

As the popularity of cloud computing increases, companies left on the outside are faced with a dilemma. Do you follow suit and join the pack or do you maintain your existing IT structure? It’s a decision not to be taken lightly and one that many companies make with inaccurate or incorrect information. If you are […]

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The latest & greatest in workload forecasting

While automated forecasting is hardly in its infancy –  its existence was celebrated well over two decades ago –  impressive leaps and bounds have been made, even in just the last couple of years. Linked to how customer service has evolved and adapted with more and more expectations placed on the contact centre and agent, [...]
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Engaged Agents Equal Engaged Customers: Calabrio and Serenova Team Up to Bring WFO to CCaaS

The emergence of contact centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) platforms is changing the very core of how contact centres operate. These robust, cloud-based solutions are easily deployed, scalable, and cost-effective, allowing brands to quickly modernise their contact centres without the heavy overhead of legacy solutions. Now, the contact centre is available anywhere, and at any time in order [...]
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Time is of the essence – changing priorities for customers and contact centres

When it comes to increasing satisfaction levels and sales, nothing beats making life easy for customers and releasing their most valuable asset – time.  Annica Ronquist, Head of Global Customer Operations and Services at Calabrio explores the options. Look around you, we all lead busy lives where time is of the essence.  The evidence is […]

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Calabrio Women in Technology Hosts Twin Cities BDPA High School Technology Students

With a growing job market for technology employees and not enough qualified applicants, it is becoming more important than ever to expose students to computer science early on. Calabrio’s Women in Tech group is dedicated to helping diverse students uncover the exciting opportunities in tech and encouraging skills—such as coding—that build a foundation for success […]

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CMO, meet your new best friend: The contact centre

Today’s chief marketing officers (CMO) are familiar with outbound and inbound marketing tactics—they promote their wares at trade shows and advertise with multiple media outlets, and generate inbound leads via content marketing and social media. They understand that outbound and inbound marketing is a balance, and organisations benefit from the customer interaction each provides. Contact […]

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Harnessing the strength of Calabrio Teleopti WFM part 3: Getting schedule updates like a pro

Robin Karlsson, Technical Lead R&D at Teleopti, returns for the third and final instalment of his ‘How best to use Calabrio WFM’s API’ blog series, this week focusing on schedule updates. In my previous post in this series we looked at updating information in Calabrio WFM using the external API. However, sometimes we need to […]

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