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Contact centers are where real people have real conversations that have real impact. It’s the place where relationships flourish or flounder. But what happens next? How do those conversations become information that’s meaningful and beneficial to the organization?

For decades, the voice of the customer has been trapped in a machine as unattainable intelligence. Calabrio is making sure that era is history. Our core belief is the best software revolves around the needs of the people who use it, not the companies that make it.

So what are the guiding principles of this radical new idea?
We believe in a human-centered philosophy.
We believe that people should be empowered by,
not replaced with technology.
We believe that listening first will result in better,
personalized solutions.
We believe in a better experience, from user to consumer.
We stand for disruption — smart, powerful and pure.
We stand against the status quo.
We stand for flexibility, innovation and change.
We stand against stagnation.
We are for the freedom that comes with simplicity.
We are for liberating the information that leads to insights.
We are for analytics, for everyone.
We draw strength from acceleration.
Join us on this new path forward.
Help us change the conversation.

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