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The Calabrio

Innovation Center

Accelerating product innovation while enhancing value for our customers

The Calabrio Innovation Center

Accelerating Product Innovation While Enhancing Value for Our Customers

Expand the Value of Your Calabrio System

What is the Innovation Center?

A good solution solves a single problem. A great solution continually finds new utilities and solves new problems.

The Calabrio Innovation Center is dedicated to one simple goal: keeping your Calabrio system moving forward — expanding use cases, solving new business challenges and delivering new value. This isn’t “think tank” innovation — this is innovation at the ground level, driven by your real-world and real-time needs: adapting Calabrio tools to address your critical pain points and entirely new use cases to meet emerging needs, and finding smart new ways to extend Calabrio One to deliver value beyond the contact center.

Driven by Your Success

The Calabrio Innovation Center is the core of our unique commitment to our customers’ success.— this is true value addition. Your dedicated team of experts get to know our customers’ unique challenges — and work to develop completely new ways – in the form of production ready beta applications – to apply your Calabrio solution. And these beta application and new concepts are available to every Calabrio customer organization, because we believe collaborative innovation drives the success of the entire Calabrio customer community.

A Customer-Centric Innovation Engine

One-off customizations are great — for the one-off customer. The Calabrio Innovation Center goes further, creating an engine that drives Calabrio product development and delivers new value to the entire Calabrio customer community. Leading-edge functionality, incubate within the Innovation Center, rapidly maturing into new features, new functionalities and new value available to all Calabrio customers.

See Innovation in Action

Visit the Marketplace to purchase Managed Services, Professional Services and get more information or request access to integrated, leading-edge beta applications from Calabrio’s Innovation Center Labs.

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