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How Much Could YOU Save?

You know the right technology can modernize your contact center, shrink expenses, and digitally transform your operations. But it can be hard to determine if a solution’s potential savings—and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)—will be significant enough to warrant such a big change.

We can help.

Use these calculators built by Calabrio experts and based on real customer implementations to estimate how much money you could save when you switch to Calabrio ONE. Estimate how much you could save when you switch to Calabrio ONE. Use calculators built by Calabrio experts, based on real customer implementations.


Calabrio ONE Savings Calculator

Turn challenges into competitive advantage and business value with the only true-cloud, enterprise-grade workforce performance suite.


Snapshot of Calabrio's ROI calculator

Workforce Management Calculator
Spend a lot less time on reporting and administration.

Performance Coaching Calculator
Shrink agent attrition
and AHTs.

Quality Management & Analytics Calculator
Glean rich insights from
every interaction.

Interaction Summary Calculator
Save time by automatically generating summaries of your Interactions.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

These delighted Calabrio ONE customers are achieving impressive results:

You Can Always Save More

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