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Contact Tracing Best Practices: Getting the Most Value from Your Data

Doug Mancinelli, Strategic Consultant at Calabrio, walks through the COVID-related dashboards and terms within the Analytics suite. Watch the full webinar here. With more governments and public sector organizations tracking the spread of COVID-19, the need for accurate contact tracing is essential. The core of analytics is trying to understand all the interactions that agents […]

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Announcing Three Finalists for the C3 2020 Analytics Awards Program!

Key customer insights—or the lack thereof—can make or break a business in today’s harrowing world. That’s why the right analytics platform, applied the right way to the right data, is so critical to contact center leaders right now. So for the second year in a row, we’ll recognize at our upcoming C3 online event—and award […]

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Guest Blog: Emphasizing the Human Side of Remote Work

The following post is a guest contribution summary from Kimberley Drobny of Waterfield Technologies. You can read the full post on the Waterfield blog, and register for an upcoming webinar featuring Calabrio’s Dave Hoekstra on September 15th. Let’s face it, the workplace will forever look different. Companies that would have never allowed employees to work from […]

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Celebrating Sharon Jones, National Debt Relief—SWPP’s WFM Professional of the Year!

Last week, we announced two Calabrio customers were named finalists in the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals’s (SWPP) “2020 Workforce Management Professional of the Year Award” program. And one of them—Sharon Jones of National Debt Relief (NDR)—WON!! According to Sharon, “I’ve had the opportunity to review the resumes and write-ups of my fellow nominees, and […]

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Promoting Openness and Flexibility: Calabrio and Genesys Engage

Calabrio is a company that has thrived through strategic partnerships. Whether long-term partnerships like Cisco or Avaya, or newer collaborations with Amazon Connect, Twilio or UJET, we deliver value to customers by making the connection between their on-prem or cloud contact center to our leading workforce engagement management platform. We see our services through the […]

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3 ways to embrace the evolving world of remote work

COVID-19 has been a worldwide catalyst for change particularly around the decade-long debate on remote or home-working. When Calabrio interviewed over 300 contact center professionals to gain a better understanding of the impacts of the pandemic on customer service organizations, the overall message was clear - there is no going back to business as usual. [...]
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WFM in the Palm of Your Hand: The Calabrio ONE Mobile App

Workforce managers need a better process to communicate with agents about events impacting their schedule. This could be everything from intraday events—such as working overtime or voluntary time off—to notifying employees about weather related events such as snowstorms that would impact their ability to safely come to work. With mobile use only increasing, managers and […]

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How Sales and Marketing Can Use Interaction Analytics

Interaction (speech and text) analytics (IA) is a solution that sells well in both strong and weak economies. This is because IA generates measurable benefits that contribute to a company’s top and bottom line. When IA is applied consistently in contact centers, which are the primary buyers of these solutions, it improves the customer experience […]

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