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How to Measure CSAT Without Surveys: A New Way to Measure User Experience

Quick: what’s the best way to get feedback on how well your conversational bot is meeting customer expectations? I bet the first thing that came to mind was: “A survey!” User surveys may be one of the most common techniques for measuring UX and customer satisfaction. But do surveys actually give you the insights you [...]
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Chatbot intent discovery, done right

Now that your virtual agent is live, expectations are that the bot is prepared to handle everything. Customers will ask their question, get the right answer every time; conversations will be fully automated and impeccable, and everyone’s happy. But, let’s be honest, that’s not actually how it goes, right? To imagine every scenario and design [...]
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How to Boost Chatbot Performance: Tips & Strategies for Chatbot Optimization

Maybe your bot launched last year, maybe you inherited one that was already in production, but chances are you’ve got a hunch that it’s just not performing as well as it could. Between rabbit holes of automation, customer frustration, and escalations that could have been managed by the bot…the struggle is real. It’s time to [...]
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Why Chatbots Fail: The Top Chatbot Mistakes to Avoid

It seems like virtually every company on the block has a shiny new chatbot. This should come as no surprise considering their proven ability to improve customer support and service environments, and help consumers find what they are looking for more easily. In fact, they’re so effective that Gartner researchers expect chatbots will become the primary customer [...]
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Calculating Chatbot ROI—and Understanding the True Cost of Automated Conversations

IChatbots are transforming customer service. Their promise of streamlined, always-on support entices organizations seeking to cut costs and boost satisfaction. But amid the excitement, vital questions remain for chatbot teams: Just how profitable are chatbots? What is chatbot ROI? The key to unlocking chatbot ROI lies in a metric often overlooked within the industry: the [...]
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Unparalleled Insights: How AI-Powered Business Intelligence Unlocks Your Contact Center’s Potential

Contact centers produce incredible amounts of data. Yet for too many organizations, the scale and complexity of their customer interaction data isn’t an asset. Instead, it’s a burden, a source of confusion, or a critical challenge to navigate—and usually across multiple applications. When most organizations analyze only 12 percent of their data, it must be [...]
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RPA vs. AI & NLP: What’s the Difference?

The worlds of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) often intersect, leading to confusion about where one ends and the other begins. While both technologies have the potential to streamline operations and support better experiences for both customers and employees, these two technologies have distinct strengths and applications. RPA excels at automating rule-based [...]
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What is conversational bot management? How to get the most out of your chatbots

Conversational bot management, otherwise known as chatbot management, is essential for the success of your chatbot. Not only does the right approach to chatbot management ensure that bots are tuned for optimal automation, and high customer experience, delivering consistently useful and accurate results, but it also allows you to monitor and improve performance based on [...]
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