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Getting to Why: Speech Analytics Frees Bluegrass Cellular Technical Support Resources from Routine Calls

Workforce optimization never ends. Improve one area, and something else will inevitably need attention. That’s what happened at Bluegrass Cellular. As a company that works tirelessly to provide fast and friendly service, Bluegrass Cellular proudly boasts the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any carrier in its Central Kentucky locale. And its leaders know the only […]

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Getting to Why: How Radial Used Analytics to Remove “Powerless” Phrases from its CX

With workforce optimization (WFO), figuring out why something happens is just as important as figuring out what happened. In fact, sometimes the “why” is even more revealing than the “what.” That’s what Radial (a bpost group company) discovered when it ran into a problem with its customer experience: they knew agents were using what they […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Become a SaaS Developer at Calabrio

We’re often asked what makes Calabrio a top workplace for Minnesota’s sharp, inventive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) developers—what really sets us apart from all of the other SaaS technology companies in the state. Our answer? Three key things. The chance to develop and hone high-demand agile development skills while working on a highly rated, award-winning SaaS technology. […]

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Calabrio – one brand, one future for CX Intelligence

As an exciting new era commences as part of Calabrio, Olle Düring celebrates the upcoming journey with Customer Experience (CX) Intelligence and opportunities to connect with the fully blended brand. In June 2019, Calabrio acquired Teleopti, offering the perfect path forward for our team, customers, partners and WFM product. The acquisition was the ideal next [...]
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Experience This: Key Performance Indicators

  Like most organizations, Calabrio measures many things to examine our performance...  things like sales revenue, CSAT scores, employee retention, and M&M consumption. Yes, I just said M&M’s consumption. Employees here at Calabrio consumed 346 pounds of M&M's last year. But why do we measure that? Is it just for fun? Or is there a [...]
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2020: Simple and smart, your best year ever for WFM

As 2019 draws to a close, Dave Hoekstra predicts an exciting road ahead for Workforce Management. While innovations like Artificial Intelligence and Analytics have the power to transform CX, they should be easy to use and understand. Read on to discover 3 ways to master the art of simple sophistication. Over the past few months, [...]
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5 Ways to Become a WFM Guru

Workforce Management is so much more than smarter scheduling and forecasting. With an open mind and the right partner by your side, it can unlock the secret to effective employee and customer engagement. Magnus Geverts shares 5 ways to become a WFM guru.  Over the years, I have been lucky enough to work with many […]

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Human Automation – What’s new?

It’s time to discard the minutiae and start focusing on the future according to Dave Hoekstra. In his latest blog Dave explains that while human automation might be new to some, to others technology has been automating processes for many years. Over the last few months, the Teleopti/Calabrio team has been hard at work releasing [...]
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