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create accurate forcasts

Create More Accurate Forecasts and Schedules—Faster

Build precise forecasts in minutes—not days. Connect analysts with better data. Deploy sophisticated forecasting tools. Create more accurate plans in less time.


Streamline workflows. Leverage rule-based automation. Build schedules in minutes. Automate time off request approvals. Free managers from the tedium of administrative tasks.


Reduce Overstaffing and Overtime

Predict spikes—and lulls. Mine historical data to see call volume trends. Be prepared—but not overstaffed.


Respond to changes in real time. React to surges or ebbs in interaction volumes with Intraday Dynamic Scheduling tools. Create and fill overtime opportunities in real time. Allow agents to self-select for early dismissal.

increase employee engagement

Increase Employee Engagement

Empower agents with flexible scheduling. Accommodate complex agent scheduling preferences. Give agents greater control through Dynamic Scheduling functionality.


Deliver more immediate feedback. Give agents the responsive feedback they crave. Create an ongoing conversation.


Show agents the value they deliver. Connect agent performance with key contact center metrics. Let agents see the value they provide and deepen their sense of fulfillment.


Inspire self-improvement. Leverage gamification tools to drive healthy competition. Build a culture that encourages and supports constant self-improvement.

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See the full functionality and features of a truly complete WFM solution.


City of Vancouver

City Information Services achieves 0% turnover with Calabrio WFM.

“Implementing Workforce Management with Calabrio has been a huge time saver. We used to use an Excel spread sheet and it was a very tedious process. Now it’s a matter of going in, clicking a button, setting some parameters and boom, we have a whole new schedule.”

Baron Brooks
– Polaris


Workforce Management
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