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Calabrio ONE Delivery Models

Cloud | On-Premises | Hybrid

Calabrio ONE Delivery Models

Cloud | On-Premises | Hybrid

Flexible Freedom

Moving to the cloud shouldn’t mean sacrificing functionality, and keeping data on-premises shouldn’t force you to give up accessibility. We built the Calabrio ONE suite—including call recording, quality management, workforce management and customer analytics—from the ground up to deliver the same transformative features and functionality in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment. Deploy multiple solutions via a single platform, choosing your deployment model and integrating with best-of-breed technologies to create a WEM solution customized to fit the needs and requirements of your organization.


Maximum Access & Scalability

  • All recordings and data securely stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers
  • Built-in business continuity and security mechanisms for compliance to data security standards
  • Standard integrations and easy multitenant expansion
  • Fast deployment
  • Infinite scalability and metered pricing supports seasonal and dynamic staffing
  • Automatic software updates through continuous release cycle


  • Store all recordings and data in your own private data center
  • Meet regulatory requirements for on-premises data storage
  • Enable workforce segmentation with fully multi-tenanted architecture
  • Manage all update decisions


Complete Customization

  • Capture data on-premises and store it securely in a public cloud managed by Calabrio
  • Centralize data capture in private cloud and store it securely in a public cloud managed by Calabrio
  • Capture ACD data in public cloud and store it securely in a public cloud managed by Calabrio

The modern, friendly alternative for contact center WEM

Unified Suite

Consistent user experience across applications

Comprehensive Analytics

The only WEM solution to embed speech, desktop and text analytics in one revolutionary interface

Easy Integrations

ACD-agnostic platform interfaces with existing best-of-breed technologies

Simpler, All-in-One Pricing

No extra add-on charges to surprise you

Unmatched Customer Focus

Direct customer feedback drives two-thirds of Calabrio product innovations

Partnership for Success

Calabrio Success Center provides comprehensive resources to educate and empower IT teams and contact center end users

Stepping Up to
the Secure Cloud

Move your contact center to the cloud. Fearlessly. Gain flexibility. Gain visibility. Protect your data.

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Learn how contact centers are turning to innovative technologies to increase customer retention, empower agents and deliver measurable business value.

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Discover Calabrio ONE

A fully integrated customer engagement suite.

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