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Becoming a Calabrio customer can mean change for your whole organization. Luckily, you have a Calabrio customer success manager, who will act as your guide, advocate and advisor, throughout your Calabrio journey. Dedicated to making you successful with Calabrio ONE, your customer success manager will offer responsiveness and world-class follow up and will be your go-to contact for daily account needs.

The Role of the Customer Success Manager

Your Calabrio customer success manager (CSM) is your advocate within Calabrio, providing seamless communication and support throughout your Calabrio experience.

Driving ROI

Your CSM will serve as your internal champion within Calabrio headquarters, working to assemble the resources you need to utilize your Calabrio products to their absolute maximum, driving the most possible value from your investment.

Keeping You Informed

Your CSM will keep you up-to-date on what’s new and coming next in Calabrio ONE, ensuring you’re prepared and aware of products, features and functionality you may need.

Internal Advocate

Your CSM will ensure you’re getting the most out of your support agreement, assist with seat additions and help reassess your needs as you navigate your annual renewal.

Connecting You To More

Your CSM will ensure you’re connected to the many valuable ways to engage with and learn from Calabrio and the larger customer community, such as the Calabrio Success Center, Calabrio Champions program, Calabrio Customer Connect and Calabrio user groups.


How We Keep Projects on Time & Budget

We’ve developed program management metrics that allow us to track and communicate the progress of every initial deployment or upgrade project. No surprises—just great results.

The Right Team for Every Job

We’ve spent years building our Professional Services team with certified engineers and highly qualified SaaS experts who understand contact centers and the specific needs of every vertical market we serve. Our deep roster of talent ensures that the right team will be assigned to your deployment or upgrade projects.


Training & eLearning Offers Great Content

We offer great self-directed or instructor-led training content. Our own team uses these assets to ensure best-in-class results, and they are always available to provide insights and training for your own technical teams.

What to Expect as a Customer

Hear how Calabrio partners with customers during the entire onboarding process until you are successfully launched.


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