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Why Calabrio Video

Find out why customers choose Calabrio for their contact center solutions.  

June 7, 2017

Workforce Management Testimonial Video

Proven impacts of Calabrio Workforce Management—straight from our customers.

Calabrio Analytics Testimonial Video

Proven impacts of Calabrio Analytics—straight from our customers.

Quality Management Testimonial Video

Proven impacts of Calabrio Quality Management — straight from our customers.

Call Recording Testimonial Video

Proven impacts of Calabrio Call Recording—straight from our customers.

Clothing Retailer Manages Escalations with Calabrio Analytics

Retailer develops contact center agent training with the help of Calabrio Analytics.

April 20, 2017

Beverage Manufacturer Protects the Bottom Line with Calabrio Analytics

Coffee Company tracks coupon effectiveness with Calabrio Analytics.

Consumer Products Company Improves Customer Experience with Calabrio ONE

Floor Care Product Manufacturer improves efficiency and quality with Calabrio Quality Management.

Credit Union Streamlines Contact Center with Calabrio ONE

Midwestern Credit Union gains contact center efficiency with Calabrio ONE.

Insurance Company Automates Contact Center Scheduling with Calabrio Workforce Management

Calabrio WFM helps reduce overstaffing and streamline insurance contact center operations.

Medical Center Monitors HIPAA Compliance with Calabrio Analytics

Hospital avoids compliance fines with Calabrio Analytics

Contact Lens Retailer Avoids Costly Fines with Calabrio Analytics

Contact Lens Retailer protects revenue and improves efficiency with Calabrio Analytics.

Image of Contact Lense

Virteva Gains Deep Business Insights with Calabrio ONE

IT managed service provider streamlines contact center operations and improves quality.

Virteva Logo

Getronics Leverages Calabrio Quality Management to Support an Expanding Virtual Workforce

IT Services Company streamlines multiple contact centers with Calabrio ONE.

Getronics Logo

Republic Services Increases Sales and Revenue with Calabrio ONE

Waste Solutions Company drives growth through quality initiatives supported by Calabrio ONE.

Republic Services Logo

Cygnific Automates Reporting with Calabrio Advanced Reporting

Cygnific saves 30 man-hours per week with Calabrio’s advanced contact center reporting tool.

Cygnific Logo


Polaris Improves Customer Experience with Calabrio ONE

Powersports Vehicle Manufacturer improves multichannel customer service.

Polaris Logo

City of Vancouver 3-1-1 Achieves 0% Turnover for 16 Months with Calabrio WFM

The City of Vancouver reduced agent turnover and accommodated outstanding growth with Calabrio Workforce Management.

City of Vancouver Logo

March 29, 2017

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