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Turn Your Contact Center into a Brand Guardian

What does the State of the Contact Center in 2022 demand of you?

The One Contact Center Suite to Meet the Moment

Your contact center dictates your business results. It’s a guardian who defends your brand and powers success. Case in point: 97% of consumers say customer service interactions make or break their brand loyalty. They’re not alone in their thinking. A full 98% of contact center managers say interactions are extremely impactful on brand loyalty.

How will you meet this moment of opportunity? By choosing more and choosing Calabrio ONE.

Bring Three Powerful Assets into Play

Power Up with the Brand Guardian Game

Collect the support and tools needed to maximize agent performance, elevate them as brand guardians, and increase your customer experience points. But if you hit the customer complaint wall, you both lose.


Why Your Competitors Envy Calabrio ONE

Know Where Your Customers Disagree with You

The State of the Contact Center 2022 survey showed a shocking 30+ point gap between consumer and manager perceptions across every facet of the customer experience. This radical misalignment in perceptions creates potent opportunities to improve — or dangerous pitfalls if left ignored.

Only 45% of consumers feel contact centers are meeting their need to be heard and understood.

Amazingly, 88% of consumers and contact center employees agree that brand perception directly drives overall revenue growth.

70% of consumers said Agent Training was area for contact centers to invest in for improved CX, only 16% said Chatbots/Virtual Assistants.

Get the Advantage Your Competitors Fear

Calabrio ONE is the only true-cloud and fully integrated contact-center suite for WFO, agent engagement, and AI-fueled BI. It is the digital foundation of a customer-centric contact center, maximizing workforce performance and empowering your brand’s guardians.

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