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Calabrio Quality Management

Drive Continual Improvement in Your Customer Experience

Calabrio Quality Management

Drive Continual Improvement in Your Customer Experience

Smarter Quality Management.
Better Customer Experiences.

Every interaction is an opportunity. Strengthen relationships, deepen loyalty and drive measurable impact across the business. Automate recording and reporting and streamline evaluations—so you can spend more time coaching and leading. Create shorter feedback loops to engage and motivate agents. Use intelligent analytics to focus your attention where it matters most. Let the voice of the customer lead the way to consistent, outstanding customer experiences. Tune out the noise and hone in on the insights you need to meet your contact center goals and drive business value. Want to know more about Quality Management? Read our complete guide here.


Capture & Evaluate Every Customer Interaction

Drive consistency across every channel. Calls, emails, chats, social media—capture and evaluate every interaction for customer service quality.


Keep your customer interactions secure—and easy to access. Meet policies and comply with regulations for data encryption and secure storage.


Easily manage compliance requirements. Leverage manual and automated pause and resume functionality. Evaluate customer interactions to ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA or other regulations—without losing valuable customer information.

drive key metrics

Drive Key Performance Metrics

Deliver immediate results with out-of-the-box evaluations. First contact resolution. Customer satisfaction. Sales effectiveness. Script and compliance adherence. Leverage a pre-built evaluation form library to hit the ground running—or design your own to fit your unique business needs.


Build highly customized reports and dashboards. Hone in on specific contact center issues. Create non-siloed, holistic reporting that aligns with unique business goals


Let the voice of the customer drive quality improvement. Integrate post-call customer feedback. Reference post-call survey data during playback and evaluation.


Deliver on-demand analysis. Live monitor calls and see agent screen activity in real time. Provide timely agent feedback. Present on-demand KPIs to key stakeholders across the business.

drive key metrics
see the bigger picture

See the Bigger Big Picture

Gain a holistic view of the customer experience. Bring together audio and screen recordings with evaluation scores, survey data, workforce management and speech and text analytics results to enable a smart, integrated look at interaction quality.


Drill down to the finest details—quickly. Search efficiently using pre-configured or customizable metadata tagging. Quickly sift through mountains of customer interaction data. Find exactly what you need to gauge performance and drive improvement.


Enable analytics-driven quality assurance. Calabrio Quality Management seamlessly integrates with Calabrio Analytics and Calabrio Advanced Reporting. Extract and share predictive and prescriptive insights anyone can understand. Anticipate needs, optimize processes and focus your attention on the right conversations.

increase employee engagement

Increase Employee Engagement

Enable timely feedback loops. Monitor calls and agent screen activity live. Evaluate calls, measure performance and give agents the immediate feedback they crave. Allow agents to share their best practices with the click of a button.


Motivate agents with healthy competition. Leverage built-in gamification tools. Create benchmarks, set goals and display peer leaderboards. Provide incentives and award badges to inspire competition, reinforce positive behaviors and drive skill growth.

increase employee engagement
simplify quality management

Simplify Quality Management

Create a central command center. All your evaluation tools in one place. Access audio and screen recordings and review evaluation forms in a unified view. Customize the dashboard to see the information that matters most.


Streamline reporting. Export call data in bulk with a few simple clicks. Stop manually creating reports. Automate and customize your critical quality management reports. Utilize non-siloed reporting to see quality management data alongside workforce management and analytics data to get the full picture view.


Automatically monitor system issues. Get immediate notifications. Examine potential errors. Stay ahead of problems and minimize downtime.

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See the unique features and powerful functionality that make Calabrio Quality Management a transformative contact center technology.


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Building stronger customer loyalty and driving revenue through national quality initiatives.

“(Quality Management) offers our supervisors insight on what the day-to-day issues are for the agents. It helps them better serve the agents in terms of training and coaching. It also helps identify issues that the patents have so we can put process in place to address those concerns.”

Art Gomez
– Contact Center Analyst, Piedmont HealthCare

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Quality Management
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