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2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse

2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse empowers supervisors and enables agents to become more efficient.


2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse is a solution that enhances user experience for Cisco Contact Center agents and supervisors in many ways. Note: This posting only focuses on Calabrio specific features – to obtain a comprehensive understanding of 2Ring Gadgets, please also visit

The sale via Calabrio marketplace is also governed by the following 2Ring terms:


2Ring Dialog Gadget – Current Call + Orchestrator / Workflow

  • Show the agent a list of previous interactions with the current customer (incl. a link to Calabrio)
  • Send Agent Login/State Data to Calabrio WFM – provides users with the ability to send login/logout requests to Calabrio for Hoteling / Hotdesking users (adding support for UCCE Free Seating)
  • Automatic and manual adding of metadata from Cisco Finesse to Calabrio Call Recording (via Calabrio CallRecordingControls API)
  • Pause/Resume Call Recording Button – add a button to Cisco Finesse to pause a call and screen-recording
  • Request Review Button – Agent can tag the current call to be reviewed by the supervisor

2Ring CRM Connectors – MS CRM / Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow / SNOW, Salesforce / SFDC, SugarCRM, …

  • Add a Calabrio UI link to CRM interaction history – Calabrio’s UI shows specific recording with all the available details

2Ring Ticker Gadget

  • Signal if a call / screen recording is PAUSED or NOT for the active call

2Ring Team Gadget – Interaction History App

  • Add a link to Calabrio call recording in the Interaction History App (call history)
  • Use 2Ring player (sound only) within 2Ring Gadget (so in Finesse) or click a link to go to Calabrio UI and have full access to the recording there

2Ring Team Gadgets – Calabrio Workforce App

  • Show agent his/her WFM schedule in Cisco Finesse
  • Notify the agent about upcoming breaks (notifications should be agent setting – notify me 5, 10, or 15 minutes before the next event on my schedule)
  • Display Realtime Adherence (RTA)
  • Alert Supervisors around Real-time Adherence (RTA) (Breaks / Lunch)


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Version: V6.2
Updated: 09/29/2021


Calabrio Compatible Solution
Solution Type
Integrated Application


2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse


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