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The Calabrio ONE Awards

Nominations are currently closed, but will be opening in July 2021. Stay tuned!

The Calabrio ONE Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate Calabrio customers driving the future of workforce optimization (WFO) and customer and employee experience.

Since the inception of these awards in 2017, over 30 Calabrio customers have been recognized for their hard work and innovation. Each year, winners are announced during our annual customer conference, Calabrio Customer Connect.

Why Nominate Your Organization for a ONE Award?

  • Showcase your contact center’s performance within your organization and to your peers
  • Position your organization as a thought-leader in the WFO industry
  • Receive a trophy as recognition of your success
  • Earn VIP status at Calabrio Customer Connect

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ONE Award Categories

Categories subject to change. Nominations are currently closed, but will be opening July 2021.

The Optimizer
With your eyes on the prize, you choose to optimize! Your organization makes the most of your WFO solution to create unparalleled efficiencies in your contact center—across the board.

The Integrator
Your WFO solution is connecting with other systems to work wonders for your contact center. Whether you’re using integrations to engage employees or delight customers, you know data and aren’t afraid to use it.

The Leader
You’re a preferred employer. You’ve built an organization where people want to work, and you meet them where they are. Your company’s agents and employees are engaged, and in turn, they’re providing a superior customer experience.

The Engager
Your contact center is using WFO to better engage your customers by meeting their changing beliefs and needs – and acting on them quickly. Now, you know they will stay loyal to infinity and beyond.

The Converter
Your business knows a good product when you see one. Once upon a time, you used other software, but you realized Calabrio is key to your contact center’s happily ever after.

The Trailblazer
To boldly go…Your organization has paved the way by effectively meeting the challenges of 2020 while continuing to meet your agents’ and customers’ expectations. You are embracing the evolved world of work and see the future as an opportunity to change for good.

The Globetrotter
Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Your company’s successful WFO deployment spans countries and cultures, yet interactions are more streamlined than ever.

The Champion
You are the Champion, my friend… you’ll keep on advocating ‘til the end! You are one of Calabrio’s most valuable assets and continue to prove it by going above and beyond.
*Selected by Calabrio Customer Marketing.


Questions about the ONE Awards? Contact [email protected]

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