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Calabrio Advances Workforce Management Capabilities to Bolster Forecast Accuracy and Intraday Management

Continued WFM enhancements tackle ease of use and accessibility for
contact centers large and small

Minneapolis, MN — Calabrio, Inc., a leading provider of contact center workforce optimization and analytics software, today announced new capabilities in its Calabrio ONE® Workforce Management (WFM) software that further enhance the solution’s ease-of-use, flexibility and value. Calabrio’s enriched WFM software empowers contact center personnel to more easily and accurately forecast for the unexpected, proactively analyze and adjust for daily realities, and make smarter decisions to manage critical business resources to optimize service levels.

Traditionally, WFM intraday management has been considered one of the most complicated activities in contact center management due to the vast amount of data, complex resource considerations and the impact of change. As such, tools for intraday activities have been isolated for use by trained specialists—a practice that can easily cause an unintentional bottleneck of information that impedes quick decisions. Calabrio’s approach relieves the stress put on the WFM specialists by providing a platform that is simpler to use and understand. Supervisors are able to utilize the critical WFM applications to handle intraday workload information, allowing WFM specialists to concentrate on long-term, high-value analysis.

“As with every enhancement to our Calabrio ONE software suite, these new capabilities advance our mission to redefine the standard for workforce optimization software by making it more valuable and easier to use,” said Matt Matsui, vice president of product and marketing for Calabrio. “The new Calabrio WFM software simplifies daily adjustment and makes forecasting more flexible so service level targets can be attained more reliably.”

Calabrio’s new WFM capabilities further condense steps and procedures into a limited number of screens for agility and ease-of-use. Enhancements focus on advanced schedule management, planning and creation processes, including:

  • Pre-scheduling of projects and meetings
  • Flexible schedules that balance business needs with agent/worklife needs
  • Enhanced shrinkage planning options

Calabrio ONE is built in a user-centric Web 2.0 framework, and includes advanced call recording, quality management, workforce management, speech analytics and performance dashboards. Calabrio ONE is currently available through Calabrio and its partner network. Additional information about all Calabrio products can be found at

About Calabrio, Inc.

Calabrio, Inc. develops and markets Calabrio ONE®, a comprehensive suite of contact center workforce optimization software that’s easy to implement, use and maintain. Calabrio ONE includes call recording, quality assurance, workforce management, speech analytics and performance-based dashboards and reporting. Calabrio ONE is flexible – providing product bundles and add-ons that make it easy for customers to begin with the right set of applications and features for their business today, then build on their success with new applications and features as their business matures and their needs evolve. Calabrio ONE is built on a modern Web 2.0-based architecture that allows the contact center to integrate new applications easily, as well as personalize and optimize the desktop toolset for each user – agents, supervisors, managers, knowledge workers, and executives. Calabrio is a member of the Cisco Developer Network (CDN), and a gold member of the Avaya DevConnect program. Find news and information at

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