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Taking care of your agents is smart business

Drive customer satisfaction and enable your agents to meet evolving needs and expectations.

Calabrio Performance Coaching, an add-on to our Quality Management product, helps you better identify agent behaviors, improve coaching and guide performance over time.

Quality management is an ever-evolving process, even for organizations with a robust quality tracking system. You may already evaluate your agents regularly in a standardized and consistent way. You might have developed several quality forms that capture important business functions.

But once you have completed those evaluations, do you have a standardized and efficient way of coaching agents from that feedback? You might not know what behaviors need improvements, or which of your agents or supervisors have those skills. This can leave your agents frustrated, which negatively impacts your customer service.

The next step
You need to be able to identify behaviors, improve coaching and guide performance on an ongoing basis – not just periodically or annually.

That’s exactly what you’re able to do with the Performance Coaching module.


Identify Opportunities for Agent Growth

Performance Coaching uses the evaluation form to identify the key behaviors and skills your agents need to help customers with their concerns. Monitor agent interactions for potential skill and behavior gaps that are affecting customer experience.

Provide Agents with Success Strategies

Performance Coaching can facilitate better strategies for agent success. See which agents are excelling and which require additional coaching and training Create coaching sessions based on skill and behavior needs and build plans for improvements.

Track Effectiveness
of Coaches

Performance Coaching can help identify the best coaches in the organization and highlight which coaches excel in which performance areas. You can also look for coaches that need additional help, identifying subjects which they are not as versed in.

Engage and Retain Your Frontline

Employees who receive regular performance coaching demonstrate higher levels of commitment and engagement. Engaged agents receive higher customer service scores. Gartner predicts that employee engagement will soon be a key differentiator for 20% of contact centers.



Performance management and coaching for a hybrid, human-driven workforce

Watch this free webinar with Calabrio Vice President of Product Marketing Magnus Geverts and learn how you can develop meaningful KPIs that align closely with business objectives, make the most of intuitive and personalized dashboard, and use embedded analytics to power predictive evaluations.

The future of work: how work is distributed now

According to Gartner, “Distributed work implies significant degrees of flexibility in how work is organized — who is involved in what work activities; and when, where and how it is getting done. Executive leaders need to put guardrails, practices, tools and data in place to optimize distributed work patterns.”

To read more about more future of work trends through 2030, download this free Gartner report.

The Performance Coaching module empowers you to guide performance, identify behaviors for improvement and customize coaching guidance for your agents.

Your customers benefit from enhanced agent engagement and consistent performance across teams. Your agents get personalized coaching to help identify skill gaps and better adapt to customer expectations. And you position your organization more competitively as contact centers become more complex and adaptive.

Analyst Quote:

By 2023, one-third of organizations will evolve from performance management processes based on analytics and planning to ones that maximize outcomes using goals and objectives.”

Mark Smith
CEO, Ventana Research


Discover what makes a good performance coaching solution and learn how to introduce a complete coaching and performance management cycle that drives agent improvement, ensures consistent service levels, and delivers stand-out customer experiences.

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