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Health of the Contact Center

Join Calabrio as we share the results of our Health of the Contact Center Study.

Each day, customer service and contact center agents connect with hundreds (if not thousands) of customers. They are front-line brand ambassadors whose jobs are becoming increasingly more complex and critical as customer expectations and demands rise.

A recent Calabrio survey of more than 1,000 agents in the United States and the United Kingdom resulted in several key findings on challenges facing contact center teams today.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The top causes of agent disengagement
  • The growing demands of consumers and the effect on agent workload
  • The technology and tools required for agent success
  • The shift in mindset required to retain agents
  • The path to zero attrition – three key strategies

Watch this webinar on demand to learn more about these findings, and what contact center leaders should do about it.

About the Speaker

Kat Worman
Kat Worman has been working in the contact center industry longer than she cares to admit! With more than 20 years of experience, Kat has held numerous contact center positions including management, data analysis, strategic operations, and service level planning. Prior to joining Calabrio, Kat was a Principal Consultant specializing in the implementation of process and applications within the contact center. She has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Kat specializes in partnering with key stakeholders and workforce planning teams to deliver unique solutions to contact center challenges.

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