Webinar On Demand: Multi-Channel Customer Feedback | Calabrio


How to Create Actionable Insight from Multi-Channel Customer Feedback

While surveys are the foundation for “knowing” your customers, there are many other ways to learn how customers perceive their experience, including text, speech, transaction data, etc.

In this webinar with Contact Center Analytics Consultant, Todd Marthaler, learn how multi-channel analytics can help you better understand and optimize all the steps of your customer journey.

You’ll learn why multi-channel analytics can help you:

  • Better understand, and optimize, all the steps of the customer journey
  • See how agents are performing and understand their pain points
  • Drive Net Promoter Scores and increase customer retention

You’ll also learn analytics measurements to use to achieve common contact center objectives, such as improving First Contact Resolution by 5% or Increasing Add-on Sales per Agent.

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